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Travel Gear Review : Canon 700D

Travelling holds a different meaning for different people. While some prefer to travel for exploring a variety of cuisines, others are into it for pursuing their hobby of photography. I, on the other hand, travel just for the love of travelling. For sharing my travelling experiences, I surely take a lot of pictures. Photos are a great …

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Travel Gear Review : GoPro Hero Session

Reviving my memories of all the trips I’ve taken so far, I remember the need of a handy camera for photographs. While travelling on roads or via trains, it’s easy to get clicks with a DSLR or any other heavy quality camera for sure. But the problem arises when I choose to go for adventurous …

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Travel Gear Review: GoPro Hero 3 – Black Edition

Backpacking adventures will find you in all sorts of situations and locations – from Sprawling deserts to Thick jungles. From Blue oceans to Bustling cities. It is also inevitable that you’ll want to capture all your experiences and not just “Stills” but also Videos; Action videos in case of Surfing, Scuba Diving, Cycling etc. So, …

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