“It’s just one bottle, said 7.8 Billion.”

Rising global temperature is changing the climatic situation which is causing millions of deaths of humans and animals and drastically affecting nature. The cause of the rising global temperature is the excess emissions of Carbon and Methane gases which is caused by various human activities including burning fossil fuels.

This project made me realize that the climate is degrading at a fast pace but we can still save it from depleting further. Plastic footprints are affecting the climate and contributing to more carbon emissions which are affecting the climate.

Plastic is one of the most commonly used byproducts of petroleum by general consumers. Due to its easy and cheaper availability in the market, it is being used on a large scale and thus single-use plastic is a significant contributor to climate change. 

With this project supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, I got to learn about how my daily habits are leaving an impact on climate change which has motivated me to take action now.

To support United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 13, I pledge:

  • To inculcate the habit of reducing, reusing, upcycling, and recycling.
  • To eliminate the habit of littering around and take the responsibility to segregate the waste.
  • To buy sustainable alternatives instead of single-use plastic products.
  • To impart knowledge and awareness amongst people about existing sustainable practices.


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