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Hi, I'm Aakash Ranison I’m 25 and at this stage of my life, two things keep me going: my wanderlust to explore the world and my desire to work for climate change. My work and life revolve around these two things and I do whatever I can to keep it that way. I’m a Traveller at heart and an Entrepreneur by choice. Read More Project #sustainably is now LIVE! The average time that a plastic bag is used for is 12 minutes, and may last from 450 years to forever. This is alarming to know and such a crises motivates us to act upon now and bring in project #sustainably. Thus, the elimination of single-use plastic remains the focal point of my passion project. Read More Ganga- A plastic river? Due to human dependence on Ganga for agriculture, hydroelectricity and tourism, the river is facing serious challenges because of its overuse. Ganga collects an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of discarded plastic each year. If this is the state of the national river of India, imagine the condition of other Indian rivers? Read More Advocating SDG 13 Climate Action Sustainable Development Goal 13 aims to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact”. As an advocate of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, I am taking this immediate action against the deteriorating climate and the single-use plastic through #sustainably. Read More


#sustainably is a passion project, I’ve started along with my team on the lines of Sustainable Development Goal 13 by the United Nation which
pertains to climate action. We aim to make people aware of Global Rising Temperature and living #sustainably, in harmony with nature. 

To start this sustainable journey, the elimination of single-use plastic remains the focal point, and to achieve this goal, we will focus on inculcating the habit of reusing, upcycling, recycling, reducing, and waste segregation which eventually will help in getting the plastic to recycling facilities. Our ground zero for #sustainably is Rishikesh, Uttarakhand where one of the most prominent rivers in the world, Ganga remains accumulated with plastic in abundance.

Out of 26,000 tonnes of plastic generated every day in India, only 1,000 tonnes is recycled. The remaining is not even collected for processing.
Ganga is one of the most polluted rivers in the world with pollutants more than 3000 times more than the permissible limit defined by the WHO as ‘safe’.
Ganga is one of the top ten rivers that drain over 90% plastic debris into the sea globally. It discharges 115,000 tonnes of plastic each year.

Promise for a sustainable tomorrow

1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and more than 40 percent of which is used just once, then tossed. It’s worrisome to know that over 5 trillion pieces of plastic are already floating in our oceans and worldwide. Let’s begin this journey towards sustainability together by taking this pledge for sustainability.

Pledge for Sustainability



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"A 24-year-old climate activist writes about how he has set up a graveyard to raise attention towards nine endangered marine species, and how small lifestyle changes can make a huge environmental impact." "One of the most hands-on climate activists around, Aakash Ranison uses the power of social media to drive change every day. He has managed to seamlessly intertwine his love for travel along with his passion to fight climate change." "Aakash has been a part of projects like the Spiti Valley project, The Kozhikode Beach project, etc. He is also a climate journalist, and writes about climate change extensively and is also a digital activist and often engages in the same through social media." News18-PNG-Logo "Aakash Ranison, a 24-year-old from Indore, is among the many influencers around on Instagram. What sets this young man apart from the rest is the fact that he is not your everyday influencer, but a ‘green influencer’— his pictures and stories revolve around making our planet a better home for all living beings." "He is a Gen-Z campaigner who has been working extensively towards awareness about climate change and responsible travelling for a few years now. As an activist, he has been a part of projects such as Spiti Valley project and has single-handedly led plastic waste awareness projects like The Kozhikode Beach project among others." "The world’s first marine cemetery in Kozhikode hopes to spread awareness about an abused ecosystem and a proliferation of plastic waste. The activist behind the project, Aakash Ranison, talks to AD India about how art can save nature, and travel can save the environment." Architectural-Digest-PNG-Logo


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