Hi, I’m Aakash Ranison

I’m 24 and at this stage of my life, two things keep me going: my wanderlust to explore boundaries and my desire to work for climate change. My work and life revolve around these two things and I do whatever I can to keep it that way. I’m a Traveller at heart and an Entrepreneur by choice.

So far, I’ve walked 8,000 kms, cycled 20,000 kms, hitch-hiked 50,000 kms. Travelling through these basic means help me experience travel in its true spirit. In my travel escapades, I meet new people, come around new experiences, and go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

My last 4 years of travel have helped me realize how travel is affecting climate change and the value of responsible travel. Hence, I have pledged to live a single-use plastic-free life and reduce my carbon footprint by not purchasing any single-use plastic products. I also embrace a vegan lifestyle and I’ve been enjoying it for the last couple of years.

If you care enough to be curious to learn more about responsible travel, I encourage you to check some of my work. I’d also love to stay in touch with you and share amazing stuff through my monthly newsletter, so feel free to subscribe.

This is Aakash Ranison, signing off.
Keep Travelling, Stay Curious.

  • I worked with Aakash for his website and numerous other projects. He was extremely modern in his approach and always on time. I learned a lot working alongside him.

    Parth Bhalerao