Damn, What is going on? Where did my 2020 go?
It was like yesterday that I was planning my 2020 goals on the 1st of January and it’s already September. With God’s grace, I did manage to achieve many of my personal goals but one last is remaining and that is the most exciting one. If you know me, you know it. It’s the Climate Change project like the one I did last year in Calicut, Kerala or the one I did last to last year in Kaza, Spiti Valley. 

As the whole world, I was under lockdown too but unlike others, I enjoyed it a hell lot, This has been a super productive year for me. I gained a lot of knowledge and have grown a lot. I spent a good amount of time in the last 9 months reading, learning, writing about Climate Change, and many other topics of my interest and indeed I am ready to end 2020 with a bang. Let’s not waste time and get to the point…

What’s the problem?
Climate Change [Single-Use Plastic]

The rising global temperature is changing the climatic situation, which is causing millions of deaths of humans and animals and drastically affecting nature. We are disturbing the atmospheric balance which is conducive for human and animal to survive and nature to flourish. The UN reported that 2019 was the second warmest year on record and the end of the warmest decade (2010- 2019) ever recorded. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rose to new records in 2019. Worrisome, isn’t it? 


Single-Use Plastic remains as one of the leading causes of pollution in the most serene terrains, rivers, mountains, and other beautiful destinations contributing to climate change. When was the last time you visited a beautiful destination without spotting plastic wrappers around? Imagine enjoying a lovely sunset at the beach with legs half dipped in the cold water and suddenly a plastic bag gets entangled in your feet?

More than 40% of plastic is used just once, then tossed and more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are already floating in our oceans and Worldwide, 73% of beach litter is plastic: filters from cigarette butts, bottles, bottle caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, and polystyrene containers.

What is my solution? #sustainably [UN SDG13]

I have initiated a climate change project, #sustainably along the lines of Sustainable Development Goal 13 by the United Nation. My team and I aim to inform people about global rising temperatures and bring sustainable practices in our daily lives. To start this sustainable journey, the elimination of single-use plastic remains the focal point of the project and to achieve this goal. Our ground zero for the project #sustainably is Rishikesh, Uttarakhand where one of the most prominent rivers, Ganga remains accumulated with plastic in abundance.

Today, September 18 which marks the commencement of 5th Global Goals Week, I launch #sustainably a 101 days project advocating Sustainable Development Goal 13 with the aim to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact”.

With the experience gained from Spiti Climate Change Project and Calicut Climate Change Project, I will utilize my skills, knowledge, and expertise to make #sustainably successful.  

Through project #sustainably, we aim to inform people that every single-use plastic product has an alternative that is more climate-friendly. The project is trying to convey that as responsible human beings we must realize the damage we’re causing to nature by littering around and not segregating waste the way it must be. Inculcating habits of reducing, reusing, upcycling and recycling is the need of the hour.

During the course of the project, #sustainably, we wish to have over 500 volunteers on-board to help us undertake the cleaning process. With the massive force of a thousand hands, we will be able to churn out significant waste. This waste will be segregated and in two categories; plastic and other. From here the plastic will be sent to our plastic recycling partner’s nearest facility and others will be handed over to the municipality. 

Where’s ground zero? Ganga, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Being in lockdown for months I keep wondering about the time I spent travelling in between the beautiful mountains and many times end up crying thinking about them but I knew travelling isn’t an option as of now but when the Indian government announced unlock 4, I decided to step out to continue my work on Climate Change.

I’ve lived in Haridwar for 3 years of my life. As life happened, I moved out of the holy city but I always wanted to return and do something about the highly polluted Ganga. I started brainstorming ideas to launch a climate change project for the river that is not only magnificent but a lifeline for lakhs of people, animals, and marine life.

Exploring possibilities for about two to three months to carry out this project at the basin of river Ganga, I had debates with my friends on Ganga and got the understanding of ground-level challenges from local friends later I end up speaking to my friend Ankita Agrawal who happens to run a beautiful property in Rishikesh by the name Blue Jay Hostels and that is how I zeroed down upon Rishikesh. 

& Here’s why Ganga needs our help;

The mighty and beautiful river, Ganga is regarded as the national river of our country. A river of such importance cannot be made polluted but the fact is that out of the ten rivers that drain over 90% of the total plastic debris into the sea globally, there are three flowing through India – the Indus, Ganga, and the Brahmaputra. Ganga collects untreated sewage, trash, and an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of discarded soft and hard plastic each year. This is alarming! 

Being a prominent river, it is facing serious challenges because of multiple reasons like- growing population, rising development in cities, increase of consumer demand, progressing industries on its boundary, pollution from neighbouring homes flowing into the river to name a few.  The question remains: If this is the state of the national river of India, we cannot’ even begin to fathom about other rivers in India and their level of contribution in the changing climatic condition.

Now, let’s make it an adventure of a lifetime together

Who said stopping climate change can’t be fun? Obviously no one.
During the period of 101 days, I’ll be bringing various artists and artisans to create meaningful Graphic Poster Series, Creative Photographs, eBook, Music, Poems, Graffiti, and an Art Installation that resonates with the idea of #Sustainably.

Why don’t you join us along?
To begin with, you can take the “pledge for sustainability” with us, spread the word in your community, and furthermore you can help us in various creative ways if you have any creative skill.
Also, we’ll be running a crowdfunding campaign in the second half of the project, you can help us by funding too. To explore more possibilities feel free to write to me here.

Huuu, Damn it!!!
That’s all from my end for today, looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comment section and for your participation and support through 101 Days.

This is Aakash Ranison, Signing Off,
Keep Hustling, Keep Moving Forward… #sustainably! 😉