We have almost come at the end of the United Nations’ Global Goals Week and I really hope that I fulfilled my responsibility to share about United Nations, Global Goals, SDG 13 – climate action, single-use plastic, and increasing carbon emissions through my articles for #sustainably. We even got the opportunity to hear out from PET itself what it had to say. We also learned about sustainable solutions to single-use plastic and where to get them! But knowing the solution is not enough, we must change.  Before you give me your word and take the pledge for sustainability with me, let me quote one of my favorite authors, Tony Robbins here. 

As Tony Robbins said If you change nothing, nothing will change.” and we must begin changing right away if we don’t want to risk our lives.

High chances that I am not the first person coming to you and asking you to stop using single-use plastic and make sustainable choices and after reading this article you might even forget about it a day or two. That’s why I want you to give me your word and take the pledge for sustainability with me.


I pledge to not to use single-use plastic:

  • To inculcate the habit of reducing, reusing, recycling, and upcycling.
  • To eliminate the habit of littering around and take the responsibility to segregate the waste.
  • To buy sustainable alternatives instead of single-use plastic products.
  • To impart knowledge and awareness amongst people about existing sustainable practices.

The journey towards sustainability: 

On average an Indian created 11 Kgs of plastic waste and with 1,00,000 people taking this pledge for sustainability with us, we hope to save more than 11,00,000 Kgs of single-use plastic waste being dumped in the environment. 

With this pledge, I want you to begin your sustainable journey with me. I know this might be a little unknown area to you and you might feel confused but won’t worry I’ve got your back.


The whole #sustainably team is constantly putting efforts making this journey as smooth for you as one can get. Read here, in this article I’ve shared my solution for fighting single-use plastic.

With #sustainably supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, I hope you got to learn about how our daily habits are leaving an impact on climate change and have motivated you to take action now.

& remember “This is not the fight against just the use of single-use plastic, this the start of the fight against unsustainable practices.”

This is Aakash Ranison. Signing Off.
Take this pledge for a better tomorrow!