As I have travelled to my dream destinations, and the off-beaten tracks, all I could see is my transformation from a travel enthusiast to a travelpreneur. A nuance between a reason and an aspiration has got this change in me. A change that I live, and I am living for.

Travelling is the best education. It has made me realize my ultimate needs and also silently explained what it feels like to be back home, carrying nothing along, but a few memories and just another experience.

This time I thought to stretch my stay at home and not to soothe my itchy feet. But as often, I failed. I quit on the idea and planned a weekend getaway trip to Mandu, an ancient fort city in Central India. I have been to Mandu once before on a similar weekend and explored its fascinating history and facts. This time it was not about exploring but giving myself a privilege to live the memories I had already accumulated.

I prefer traveling light, and as it was a short weekend getaway trip, I didn’t pack my bags; rather I made necessary arrangements for the conveyance like basic maintenance of my car. And, I was ready for the trip.

One of my friends, Nikhil, was my travelling companion for this trip. We began our weekend getaway adventure the next morning. Indore to Mandu, 97 Kms; we started our trip. While on the way Nikhil mentioned that we could go via Barnagar (a small village) and eat the famous Daal Baati to add some delicious tastes in our weekend getaway, so I called one of my relatives who lives in that village to ask for the best place to eat Daal Baati and he suggested a visit to “Shankar Guru ki Baati” in Barnagar. The aroma of “Dal-Baati” from its cookhouse often disrupts the passersby and makes them strongly want to have it. We were not an exception. We also relished the food.

In some hours, we apparently found ourselves in Mandu. It wasn’t a signboard but the mesmerizing beauty that confirmed our realization. Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Champa Baoli, Ashrafi Mahal, Rani Roopmati Pavilion, and among others were the picturesque places to visit in Mandu.

By the evening I was hungry and tired and so we headed to our accommodation – The City Villa, a hotel owned by my friend Anand. Yes, I have rich friends! 😉 The next day, I just rested the whole day in the hotel lawn area, reading a book and listening to music.

Next day before dusk, we managed to depart from Mandu. On our way to Indore, we were sharing and cherishing the experiences of this trip. And, suddenly, the car screeched and stopped. We looked at each other in the hope that one of us had an answer to what had just happened. In a jiffy, I realized that there was a twist in my travel tale.

Readiness is one of the qualities that makes me a traveller. In my journey of a thousand miles, I was never afraid of misfortune; rather I addressed it and learned the most precious lessons of my life. We didn’t find any repair facility nearby. Fortunately, I had carried along a basic tool kit in my car. I opened the bonnet and tried to figure out the problem and its fix. It took me some time to repair the damage, after which we could proceed.

After confirming the fix, while I was shutting the bonnet, I happened to see the battery, labeled Amaron, a promising name that has been travelling along with me. I smiled and closed the bonnet. I learned a lesson again, sometimes how blindly we rely on things for our needs. I never realized how I have been travelling to different places by this car and since the last three years, I have never thought of getting stuck in my journey due to battery issues. Amaron has been my best travelling companion on the last many trips, and this one was no exception.

This was Aakash Ranison,
Travel long, really long!!