With a genuine appreciation for all my readers who read my last post on how I became a homeless wanderer, I continue my journey in Spiti Valley. The next morning, Ishita invited me to stay at Osel Rooms by Spiti Ecosphere and thus begins my life in Kaza.

Exploring Kaza

Kaza was my base for the Spiti Valley Project. During this time, I visited various monasteries, villages and experienced a number of treks. Going from one place to another filled my heart with as many experiences as it could. I stayed on the 1st floor and tasted my dishes in the Taste of Spiti restaurant below where I became a fan of the Sea Buckthorn or the Miracle Berry juice. I interacted a lot with other people at Spiti Ecosphere. We spent hours listening and sharing each other’s stories.

Usually, from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM, I used to sit beside the window of my room enjoying the sunlight. I shared the exhilarating view from my room with Emma, Shivya, SourabhTian, and Richa at different points in time. Outside the window, there were farms and a river along with a road to Manali that were covered under the shade of the snowy mountain at the back. I wrote my book, listened to music and enjoyed watching documentaries under the luscious sunlight staring at my face.

The taste of life and food

I also spent a lot of my time downstairs at the Taste of Spiti. Ishita, I and others worked on various projects during the day. I also visited SOL Café a lot and met new people from different parts of the world. Shivya, Sourabh, Vrinda, Emma, George, Michael became really good friends. I really enjoyed my meal at the Himalayan Cafe with them. (Whenever we used to visit Punjabi Dhaba, Emma would spend most of her next morning flushing the toilet)

The days were really lazy as the network couldn’t reach us there. I lived in the moment and enjoyed the little things in life. Walking was the best mode of transportation. Every night, I’m in my room by 10:00 PM and watch a movie. Being a fan of Harry Potter, I made everyone fond of that movie. I also watched a lot of documentaries on Climate Change which were my type of nightlife in Kaza.

Much more to Kaza than meets the eye

Experiences, Stories, and Teachings are my best friends in Kaza. It’s a windy atmosphere every now and then and my thoughts on my book would start flowing. Read more about the projects I worked on in Kaza and how I became a part of something greater than myself in the upcoming posts.

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Hitchhiking, #CrossHorizons!