With the hope of having a unique hitchhiking experience, I took a train from Indore and reached Delhi 10 days before my trip started on 21st July 2017. My stay in Delhi consisted of acquiring necessary stuff from my sponsors and getting prepared for the journey ahead. AS Outdoors turned out to be really helpful in providing a lot of essential things for Spiti Valley. Wildcraft came to my rescue when I wasn’t able to arrange a good backpack. When I explained to them that my trip starts from the next day, I had a backpack with me within an hour.

Spiti Valley Project: Delhi to Chandigarh

I was on the road by the morning of 21st July. The temperature in Delhi was skyrocketing. Initially, hitchhiking was a problem as most people won’t give a ride to a complete stranger on the road. I strolled across the streets covered in sweat for a long time. Finally, I travelled by three different taxi drivers who were kind enough to drop me at different locations on the way without any money.

As I stepped ahead, I met an interesting person named Gagan Bhai who dropped me to transport nagar. He offered me a cup of tea and I am not a fan of tea. I knew that this is a subtle way of implying a conversation, so I said yes. After eating one chapati under sheer pressure at Gagan Bhai’s place, he introduced me to Minta bhai whose 3 unforgettable life lessons can be found on my blog.

Gagan Bhai dropped me on the highway from where my hitchhiking journey continued. I met some nice people on the road, both young and old. A few of them appreciated and were shocked after hearing my story of travelling for a dream. On my solo travel to Spiti Valley, I walked 30kms on the first day and reached Chandigarh by late evening.

Spiti Valley Project: Chandigarh to Manali

Chandigarh was kind enough to handle me for 3 days. I stayed with a family friend named Pragya Jain who showed me the way in and around Chandigarh. I am thankful to Vikas Palethu and my other Instagram followers who approached me and asked me if they could help me in any way.

After that, I started my itinerary to Manali. I couldn’t find a ride to hitchhike and I had to walk for 3 hours. One of my Instagram followers contacted me and picked me up from my location. Nitin was generous and we drank some juice on the way as he dropped me to a place from where I could find my next ride. I reached Manali at night by bus and stayed at my friend Anuj’s (4Play) place for the next 2 days from whence I was to start my travel to Kaza.

Spiti Valley Project: Manali to Kaza

On the morning of 28th July 2017, I had only one plan; to convince someone on this almost deserted road to drop me till Kaza because I had no other option. After searching for an hour or so, I met a Lama in a Taxi who understood my story and offered a seat with him to Kaza. We halted on the way at two dhabas and I saw some spectacular landscapes. I reached Kaza at night where I would feel relaxed and start my life in the Spiti Valley.

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Exploring, #CrossHorizons!