As my journey to Spiti Valley continued, I met a myriad of nice people. These strangers were some of the best teachers for me who gave me valuable life lessons. Because I’m of a young age was, It an advantage for me as I learned a lot from everyone I met on the road. One such personality was Minta Bhai who taught me the 3 most valuable fundas in life.

Manindar Singh, usually called Minta Bhai, was a tempo driver whom I was introduced to by Gagan Bhai. Minta bhai has been working since the age of 15 and he started driving tempo at the age of 22. Furthermore, for the past 13 years, he has been carrying the iron from Gagan Bhai’s factory to different locations. While his name sounds cool, his outlook towards life was also the same. He was polite and extremely humble and it was a pleasure to talk to him. I never knew that I would ever meet a person of such intellect at a place like this.

The Three Life Lessons

Minta Bhai gave me 3 unforgettable fundas for life which made me wiser on my journey to Spiti Valley. His lessons revolved around the simplest of things. His choice of words might seem funny but he delivers the message on point and in the easiest way possible. These were the 3 fundas for life that convey important messages for today’s generation;

Yaar, Hathiyaar aur Rishteydaar; Pehle istemal kare fir vishwas kare.

(Friends, Weapons, and Relatives; One must first get acquainted with them and then trust them). Most of all, he believes that today’s generation is bound to trust flattery more than ever. We should be careful before we place our trust in someone even if they are our relatives or friends.

Pair ki moch aur insaan ki soch, usey kabhi aagey nahi badhne deti.

(Strain in the feet and the thoughts of a person, never allow them to move forward) He rightly made me understand that it is our thoughts that create obstacles for us. Our mindset is everything and whatever we set it to, it will work towards either achieving that thing or losing it.

Paisa do he cheezo ke kaam aata hai, zuban ke aur swad ke.

(Money is required for two things only, for the tongue and for taste) He explains that a person must stay rather loyal to his word when it comes to money. You should stay true to a promise you made to someone about money. The other thing money should be spent on is tasting and enjoying the distinct variety of food.

My solo travel to Spiti Valley would always remind me that strangers on the road have taught me more than any book ever will. The world is an amazing place and I am grateful to find such nice people who made me feel that life can teach you lessons at any moment and they can come from anyone, even from someone who is younger than you.

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling, #CrossHorizons!