It all started with the idea of writing a book about my learnings, experiences, and realizations throughout my journey. For that, I had to find a quiet place to keep my thoughts flowing. My initial thought was travelling to Goa but I realized that I would not find the vicinity of thoughts that I was looking for in a place as happening as Goa.

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It then occurred to me that there is one place that can contain my thoughts that would later become a part of my book. I packed all the little bit of stuff that I had and decided to start my journey from Delhi. Hitchhiking has always been a great adventure and so I hitchhiked my way from Delhi to Kaza with some of the nicest people on the road. Just the thought of visiting Spiti Valley filled my heart with a never known before excitement and enthusiasm.

I have always loved the feeling of meeting strangers on the road, walking on uncertain paths and undertaking unknown escapades that were waiting for me on my journey to the exhilarating Spiti Valley. Is it the perfect place to write my book? I don’t know. Is it the place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime? Maybe, Yes. All I know is that I found the answer to my book in the amazing Spiti Valley and that’s worth remembering for a lifetime.

The beginning of my journey to Spiti Valley

In May of 2017, en route to my hitchhiking trip to Chennai, I came up with the idea of traveling to a place that would entertain the thought of writing my book. A certain person invited me to stay at their place in Spiti Valley after she read my post on Facebook. I made a bargain with her for my stay and meals in exchange for helping her with some marketing work.

aakash ranison solo indian traveller blogger travel blog vlog vlogger youtuber instagrammer guide chennai pondicherry south india hitchhike road trip

I also collaborated with India Times and discussed with them about the journey that I was to embark upon. And then everything happened slowly and all at once, simultaneously. Before I could think a lot about my decision, I stepped foot into the resplendent valley of Spiti.

My plan was to spend the next 2-3 months in Spiti and work on my book. During this journey of pouring my words onto paper, I will also try to go on different treks in Spiti, taste the myriad delicacies of the valley and live on little means among the locals. It will be an experience I was certain that would leave a distinct mark on the journey of my book.

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Hitchhiking, #CrossHorizons!

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