So, you must have read/seen many articles talking about “5 things” related to travel. I find that they tell you the most obvious things which you already know. I am taking this a step further and want to help you take your travel to next level by going a bit deeper. By deeper, I am talking about finding your “happy mode.” In this post, I will share 5 things that are sure to put a smile on your face.

You know there are so many factors which fuel your happy mode, let me give you an example. Remember the day when you bought your now-favourite dress and you went out with friends you were feeling awesome, that day was so beautiful and everything was just perfect. Just like that, there are many factors which affect your happy mode or can affect your trip.

In the last four years of travelling, I have learned this the hard way and now I make sure to pack these few things that keep me happy, unstressed, and comfortable when I travel. So, let’s get down to the list:

1: Anti-mosquito cream: While travelling, we use a lot more energy than on a usual day.  We often return to our hotel rooms exhausted and need a good night’s sleep to be ready to explore a new place the next day. That’s why I refuse to let mosquitoes ruin my sleep!

2: Air Freshener: Our memories are intrinsically tied to smell. So, when traveling, make sure you treat your sense of smell well. On a road trip, it’s really important to smell good and keep your surrounding pleasant as well. You won’t believe how much fragrances influence your mood and energy.  Like last month, I travelled with my friend Anand Bundela on an Indore-Agra-Indore road trip in his car.  I love to travel with him and I believe a fresh smelling car is a joy.

Before the trip, I bought a Godrej Aer Twist Car Freshener called Cool Surf Blue #aerTime. It was awesome and made me think of a trip to the beach. So, on those dusty highway roads, we had an amazing trip thanks to the Twist. I loved how easy it was to place in his car and how the smell was uniform no matter what time of the day it was. It helped us stay cool and fresh mentally and ensured we had a friendly, stress-free holiday.

3: Extra Small Phone Backup:  Two things I look for in a mobile is camera and battery life. When I travel, I find that these smartphone batteries drain rapidly. Sometimes when you get engrossed in clicking pictures or following the navigation, you don’t realize how much the battery is drained, making it tough to call for a help in an emergency.

4: Extra Headphone/Ear Pod: Once bitten, twice shy once I lost my ear pod and the rest of the trip was so miserable, I kept thinking about music only. When you travel in a group, different people have different tastes, having your earphones ensures you can enjoy your music whenever you want.

5: Music Playlists: While travelling, usually there’s no internet or you have a very weak signal.  I am a firm believer in the fact that music makes the world go around, and you need music on any trip. Before you head out create playlists for different moods take some time and create them, it could really define your trip.

I have learned and used these all tricks in the last couple of years and they work really well for me!

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring !!