In my last article “A Must Road Trip: Mumbai to Goa [Part: I]” I told you the story about how I reached Goa and checked into Zostel.

There wasn’t much time left by the time we reached, so we fast-forwarded everything. Finally, by 03:00 PM we went to the Baga Beach. It was no new place for me as I had already been to Goa a few times earlier. But the feeling of going back to the same place again after long-time is really something that I love. It seemed as if all these places call me back and I am in love with them but I can’t live with them forever.

When I go to beaches, I don’t really do anything more than just sitting for hours enjoying the air, view, waves, sounds, sand, clouds and grateful thoughts.

By 07:30 PM, we were back to the Zostel. Thankfully, there was a WiFi in there which helped me to finish my work. We had our dinner at Zostel itself and then I did my yoga and went to bed.

The next morning was quite lazy a lazy one as Ayyub was very tired, but somehow we managed to leave Zostel around 12:30 PM. But wait, where are we going? Don’t know man, just take me somewhere! 😉

Ayyub routed the Vespa to the Baga Beach but after about 15 minutes he said let’s go and get the Vespa checked at the service center, as the breaks were not working properly. So, we then headed to the Vespa showroom at Taleigao Road, Panjim, which was 23kms away :P. This caught us into 1 hour of the extra drive going and the same for coming back plus the time for servicing. As I always say, shit happens.

05:00 PM we headed back to Zostel just to pick up a few important things and then we went to Vagator beach and stayed there until 7. It was really awesome to be there If you are in Goa make sure you visit Vagator beach. You’ll love to sit there on the rocks alone and enjoy the sound of the waves. Take someone along you to love they’ll love you back as well 😉 

Our churning stomachs motivated us to go to a nearby restaurant. While going to the Vagator Beach, Ayyub noticed a restaurant called “FAT FISH” and really wanted to try something there so Ayyub had a full meal and I had a nice lassi as I’m a Vegetarian. From there we headed back to Zostel and this way my day ended following the daily routine.

The next day, we started a bit late due to the rain, we decided to travel to Panaji (South Goa). We first headed to the “Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception” and then went to “Kamat Hotel”, a very famous restaurant in that region on the same lane (150m). The food was really good in quality, quantity, and taste and we tried a few South Indian dishes.

After brunch, we moved towards Altinho hill and then took a stroll in the local market. I walked for more than an hour and then returned to Zostel at 7 PM, and ended the day in a regular manner.

The next day, Ayyub wanted to stay back and do some work online so, I took his Vespa and went out to meet my friend Rishabh at his hotel but grrrr it was really confusing and irritating to look for his place as there are so many hotels in Goa and it was raining continuously but somehow I managed to find it.

I met Rishabh in 2014 at the Jagriti Yatra. It’s always a pleasure meeting him as he is a very intellectual and humble person. Rishabh is not a traveller but he travels a lot, he has been to many countries.

We had lunch together and then we played monopoly (note: many friendships have been broken by this game, play it at your own risk. FYI: Rishabh won the game.) I had a great time with Rishabh and his friend there I spent more time than I was supposed to but in the end, I took their leave and moved on to meet another friend of mine.

I headed South Goa to meet one of my very dear friends, Sneha Murli. I met her for the first time at the “International Youth NGO Summit” in Chennai, where I was speaking on behalf of “The Golden Bird Foundation” and Sneha was there to speak on behalf of her Father’s NGO.

From the first day itself, it was great knowing this girl as she is always trying to learn new things and I always admire her dedication towards her parents. I am really blessed to have such people around me. That evening we enjoyed a wonderful conversation and an awesome dinner. I met her parents there and then I returned to Zostel and ended my day following the daily routine.

Next day we woke up o6:00 AM and started our Vespa and took the way back to Mumbai. 2

While coming to Goa, we took 1 and a half-day but this time I wanted to make it fast in one day. I wanted to be at home (Navi Mumbai) by or before night. We decided not to stop many times and go fast. In the morning, before leaving Goa, we got the petrol tank full and continued the ride till 10:00 AM. Finally, we stopped at Rajapur to grab a bite and had some dosa and lassi.

After that, I rode back and took the Vespa to a totally new speed until Ganapati Pule 12 noon covering 92 KM in 2 hours while it was continuously raining and the roads were pretty damaged. (you know the condition of roads in India in rainy sessions)

After lunch by 12:40, we again started riding and it was raining heavily now, we then took a stop in Chiplun after covering  84 km in 2 hours. It was 03:00 PM then and we had awesome vada pav and butter khichdi there.

There was no stop in the rain so we continued without any delay. We stopped a few times more for the scenic value of the place and those small villages were looking so beautiful hidden in the lush green forest and clouds. Even the architecture of the villages was mesmerizing, it seemed like some South Indian movie set (reminded me of the sets of Baahubali).

Then we reached Mahad in 2 hours by 05:40 PM covering 87kms. The place was highly flooded and it was difficult to cross the bridge but somehow we managed to cross it with the right nerves.

Then again something worse happened. The Vespa that we were riding gave up just after that as the water level was so high that it sucked up some water in and the engine stopped working. Fortunately, it started after a few unsuccessful attempts, thank god!

We continued from there and after facing so many difficulties we reached Navi Mumbai at 11:30 PM and then Ayyub left for his place and our Must road trip: Mumbai to Goa came to its end.

The very next morning, I had a flight back to Indore. Catching this flight was a tough task too as I was in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai and I had to come to Andheri for the flight and it was raining again. :/ And guess what! I reached the airport but on the International one :p and now was rushing for the domestic one. But wait! It’s Mumbai and you can’t rush here on the road as there’s always too much traffic.

I was running on the road with my backpack towards the airport in between I took 3 lift from bikes. (no, photos as I was in rush 😛 and it was raining, couldn’t take out my phone.) I managed to reach the airport on time and there were a few minutes left in boarding so I went looking for the washroom and changed my clothes as I was all wet.

After so much hassle, I came to know that my flight got delayed to almost 1.5 hrs due to heavy rainfall. (Yes that sucks!) While waiting at the airport, I met with “Nehir” a very interesting girl from Istanbul, Turkey who was here in India to work on a climate change project with a private company and she was flying to Delhi. She had an Air Arabia flight to catch for Istanbul Turkey back but she was scared as hell thinking that she’ll miss her flight from Delhi as all the flights from Mumbai airport were delayed.

Finally, I heard a call for my flight and I reached back home hoping that she had reached Delhi on time as well safely.

Oh, wait there’s one more thing to share with you. While waiting on the airport, Ayyub informed me that the bridge in Mahad, (the one that was flooding with rainwater where our Vespa broke down to remember) it collapsed: 22 feared dead, 2 buses and multiple cars were missing.[Hindustan Times]

I really thanked God and felt truly blessed. I must surely have done some good work in my past, I am thankful for this life and may their soul rest in peace.

This is all from my end, for now, stay in touch and I’ll keep coming with more amazing and adventurous stories.

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring!