Coming back to what happened next on my weekend getaway travel trip to Rishikesh from my last blog post “The Getaway Trip: Breaking into travel again” I’d like to let the story flow. This was it. The exact right place for me… Oh wait but I’ve already said that all before right? :p The greenery and sense of peacefulness around the travel spot assured me to take the next step for this getaway trip. Finally, I decided to stay at the aspen adventure resort. 🙂

In the resort, there were two options available for stay i.e. tents & cottages. Due to the unavailability of tents at that weekend, I decided to rent a cottage. I was lucky enough to find a vacant spot available.

(P.S.- I would recommend all my readers to pre-book their stay in case you guys are heading to this place.)

During the trip, I rarely spent time in my cottage. As for the most part of the day, I used to sit on the bank of the river Ganga, reading books & enjoying sunlight in the winter. But as the evening arrived, I used to get back in my cottage to sleep. That part of the time between the fading sun to the arriving moon made me feel lost in the beautiful view from inside my cottage.

My plan was to enjoy a weekend getaway but somehow, I ended up spending a whole one week at Aspen camp. While I was there, my daily routine was very simple- wake up by 10 AM, have breakfast, get ready, sit in the garden while enjoying sunlight, have lunch, go to the bank of the river Ganga, read and write for hours and get back to the stay by 05:00 – 05:30 PM.

There were many other people staying at the resort, people who usually go for adventure activities like, river rafting, bungee jump etc. Since I had already experienced all such activities in the past and this time I was looking for peace; I skipped all that and enjoyed the serene beauty of the travel spot in silence.

In the evening hours, when everyone was back to the resort after finishing their activities, we all used to gather in the garden area for bonfire and conversations. Being a talkative and social person, I love such gatherings where I meet new people and get to know their stories and at the same time, share mine with all of them.

Luckily, I met a few really awesome people and we are good friends now. One night, after having dinner everyone went to bed as usual except two people who were enjoying the bonfire. I decided to join them as it’s hard for me to sleep by 9 or 10 PM. Their names were Amrit & Nidhima. Our meeting was very short as they left the very next morning but even that short period of time was so beautiful that we are still good friends with each other.

We enjoyed the bonfire, danced a lot, laughed even more and the end of the night we three walked back to the river bank to sit there and relax with some soothing music. After spending some 30-40 minutes, we came back and went to bed as they had to wake up early in the morning to continue their journey.

After bidding goodbye to both of them, I made a few other friends. We roamed around on the streets, attended the Ganga Aarti and tasted a lot of food delicacies. As this was their first time in the city, I took them to two of my favorite spots in Rishikesh- Little Buddha Cafe & The Beatles Cafe. We had many delicious dishes and desserts but obviously, “Hello To The Queen” was loved most by everyone. 😉

Apart from food at the cafes & restaurants, I must mention that I really enjoyed food at the resort as well. Most of the travel time I was staying at the resort rather than going out therefore, I got a chance to taste many dishes from the resort’s kitchen. I was really satisfied with the food & especially with the desserts that they prepared. Rest you can imagine by looking at the photos I clicked.

Over all, I was really happy with this random trip to Rishikesh. I have always loved this place and in return Rishikesh never disappointed me. I would request everyone to visit Rishikesh and live in the city for some time not as a tourist but as a traveler and enjoy the local life. I am sure you’ll fall in love with this holy land and would love to visit again and again.

As my getaway travel trip for the weekend ended there, something new began. What could I have possibly done now? Met someone there, hopped on to a new project or hibernated in the peaceful territory? Find out more about that by keeping an eye on this space. Cling on!

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring!