In the whole month of November, I was occupied at home while working on a Travel Project. Preparing presentations, designs, write-ups and much more was included and eventually, I was exhausted. Being myself, I am not really a guy who stays at home for such long intervals for work but as that was a really important travel project for me, I didn’t have much of a choice to make. To boost my level up, I decided to plan for a getaway trip but the question here was not when but where.

FLASH BACK: Back in 2010-2012, I stayed all the time in front of my computer system to learn and work on one thing or the other. At that time, I was very much interested in the field of Computer Science as I wished to pursue B.Tech. I was already doing certification courses in computer security from Microsoft, RedHat & Cisco.

BACK TO NOW: It’s 2016 and I am not that Aakash anymore. Now, I don’t want to be an engineer.

With the idea of planning a weekend getaway trip in my mind, I decided to finish the current project work in hand. Once my project presentation was complete, it was my turn to send it to the partners, fix the dates and go for meetings. I took a flight to Delhi and scheduled my meetings for the week. It took me merely four days to finish up with these meetings and now all I could think about was what’s next.

Whenever, I am in Delhi, I prefer to go to either Hearken Cafe in Shahpur Jat or Starbucks at Connaught Place, as these are my spots 😉 On that Thursday evening, I was at Hearken cafe to meet my friend Shailja and Smriti Nagpal.

While chatting, I told them that I would like to go to some peaceful place around Delhi for the weekend rather than going back home. Hearing this, Smriti suggested me many places she liked as weekend getaway from Delhi. Despite of many choices, I couldn’t pick any of them for that weekend trip. The reason being that I had already travelled to some of the options she suggested and the other ones didn’t seem like the one I was looking for at that time. I needed a peaceful stay to relax and read some books.

Once my thought was clear to them, Smriti happened to tell me about another weekend getaway place; a place called Aspen Adventure Camps in Rishikesh which is almost 255 KM away from Delhi.

I have been to Rishikesh for many times now (2-3 times every year 😛 to be precise). The city holds an important place in my heart as I also used to live there for 3 years and I was never tired of visiting the serene beauty of that place. On the same evening, I took my backpack and headed towards Aspen Adventure Camps, Rishikesh. 

Note: I have never really mentioned any of my stays in my travel posts till now but I really enjoyed staying at this place so I decided I must share my experience about this spot. Plus, maybe this will also help my readers to choose a better stay for their next trip to Rishikesh.

I started my travel journey by taking a bus to Rishikesh and by 4:00AM I was right there. The cold wind and gaze of the morning sky felt eternal. Tea stalls near the bus stand were complementing the chilled air around me.

Rishikesh felt like home and as I was already aware of the streets, I took out my camera and started walking towards the heart of the city- Ram & Lakshman Jhula. I was so happy to be back to this place and moreover, to be free again from the work and city life. I was delighted to be next to the Ganga, the river that India worships.

My photo walk on the roads of Rishikesh was quite random and long. It was 09:00AM when I finally reached to the place of my stay i.e. Aspen Adventure Camps. (FYI: Aspen Adventure is situated 15KM ahead of Lakshman Jhula towards Nilakantha)

The view of the resort made me delighted, as it was the kind of place that I was looking for. A small garden, fresh air, mountains, greenery, nearby villages and the holy river Ganges at the rear end of the resort. This was it. The exact right place for me.

So what happened next? Did I get to experience the peaceful time I was looking for? Or did Rishikesh held some other unknown adventure stories for me? Stay tuned to catch up the whole trip details in my next post “The Getaway Trip: When Rishikesh became a travel bliss“. Read on…

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring!