Climate Change! it’s a word that I will be mentioning every now and then in my blogs. And before we even get there I want to answer a question that will come in your mind. I am a Traveller and a Blogger then why am I even bothered about Climate Change? If you know me, you also know that I have worked on other issues before like Empowering Women, Free Education and so on. But why the desire and need to work on Climate Change? And why on my Travel Blog? Let me break it down for you.

Why do I care about Climate Change and why it is on my Travel Blog?

In 2012 I felt like my life is too long to simply think about myself. I had an urge to work for others, so I started an Non-Government Organisation(NGO) called ‘The Golden Bird Foundation’. When everything started running smooth and nice and the foundation was settled, I decided to follow my passion for travelling. I felt like I have left the social field but somewhere inside me I knew that the social call has not left me. So I decided that why not pick a cause and work on it while travelling and also use my Travel Blog as a platform to spread awareness about the social cause.

While cycling from Indore to Chennai I stopped at places and spoke to people about education and what can be done about it. Even in my Bhutan Project I realised that it’s a country that is very stable in terms of education and women empowerment. So I decided to work on Entrepreneurship as Bhutan is not yet into it.

When I was thinking what my next project should be, I felt very restless and unsettled over everything that came to my mind. I have been working on different subjects, but whenever I travelled to a new place there was always a new need or cause to care about. Working on different causes every time did not let me focus on one thing and educate myself much about it. Also i couldn’t make a big difference with these short term concerns. I wanted to work on something but I still was not able to get the feeling that. ‘This is It.’

During my recent travel to Nepal I got to be a part of the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. I came across various movies and projects based on Climate Change. It was the same time around I watched a documentary ‘Before the Flood’ released by National Geography, which is again about Climate Change. A random post I read, a conversation that a friend brought up over coffee, a Ted Talk that a speaker delivered, everything was somehow connected to Climate Change. So some or the other way this word started filling up my head.

Finally one night after a lot of thinking, I knew the cause I want to dedicatedly work on is Climate Change. Because Climate Change is an immediate call for action and we can’t possibly work to make earth a better place to live for our next generation if we don’t get to live in it ourself. 

So what’s the game plan for the “Change Climate Project”?

Climate Change has made things worse for the future but through this project I intend to Change Climate, one day at a time. Most of my efforts will include practicing what I preach. Next is to take this message with me wherever I travel and then to write about it for others to read and be encouraged.

Goodbye Polythene and Plastic bottles:

There is a saying that it’s the little things that create a difference, which can be both or good or bad. Same goes with Polythene bags and plastic bottles. There are an estimated 46,000-1,000,000 plastic fragments floating within every square mile of our world’s oceans. They are un-degradable and make the soil less effective and animals die after consuming them. So I have decided to stop using polythene bags or  consume things that come in them and choose other alternatives like paper bags. Instead of using Plastic bottles for water I always carry water with me in LifeStraw[Review: Lifestraw, A Must Have Travel Gear]. To use this bottle you need to fill it with any sort of water available and drink it from the straw. It filters about 99.9999% of all bacteria. The satisfaction of not being part of the destruction of this planet on a personal level gives me an immense satisfaction and I would encourage you to try the same.

Stay Vegetarian:

I have always been a Vegetarian, not for my family or society but by choice. I will stick to this decision even more because of how it effects the Climate. As per ‘The Guardian’ the global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains and ships combined but people don’t seem to consider this factor. Raising life stock consumes a lot of fodder, land and other resources, which can be saved if people turned vegetarian. I am not trying to start a debate here and stick my opinion in your face. But it’s not a senseless argument of taste or choice but a bigger question that you and me can contribute in saving our planet by giving up on meat.

Cheers to Pubic Transport:

Being a traveller most of the times in my travelling I choose to hitchhike, do cycling or walk. I prefer to take public transport over personal vehicles because I know I can make a difference by doing so. It’s easy to guess that transportation leads to global warming and further Climate Change. Transport vehicles emit 29% of the total green house gases. By the year 2050 the emission of greenhouse gases due to transportation will become twice. The question is what are we going to do about it? I know I loose my personal convenience by avoiding the use of personal vehicles. But at the end of the day knowing that it’s for a greater cause makes me happy.

Go Solar:

I am a gadget freak and I carry all my gears with me that need to be charged constantly. My camera, gopro, laptop, phones, speakers, Watch and other random stuff. I read that over 75% of electricity is produced by fuel and is directly increasing the global warming. So I decided to choose an alternative. Now I use a Solar Charger to charge all my gadgets and even though I can’t avoid electricity consumption at all in daily life I try my best to keep a check on how less can I use it or stop it’s overuse. Solar energy is a great alternative waiting for us for free. Just think all the difference it will make if all of us depended on it more.

Sharing and lot’s of Sharing:

The last but the most I can do is share about Climate Change with you all. I will be using my blog & social media network to share with you about Climate Change. To talk what people in the world are doing about it? How can you and I make a difference? And how can I spread awareness about Climate Change along with travelling. I hope to change the way people think about Climate Change.  I wish that they realise the urgent need to change our lifestyles to bring a change on a global level. It’s always the small humble beginnings that create a revolution and I am hoping to do the same.

These are the few things that I will be doing regarding my upcoming project. I would love to hear what you think about it and if you have any suggestions to share please comment below or message me.

Well to end it on a lighter note just take a break and listen to this wonderful video created by National Geographic and narrated by spoken word artist Prince Ea, that will lay the facts for you in a beautiful way.

Until then, Aakash Ranison, signing off!
Keep Travelling & Change Climate.