Remember how I always tell you, signing off, at the end of every blog that I post. Well that is because whenever I sit down to write my travel adventures I feel like I’m penning down a page of my life. If that page isn’t worth noting down I consider it a day that could’ve been better.

This travel blog is based on one of these very amazing pages of my life. July 2016 when I went on one of the most exciting, fun-filled and a must road trip of India, Mumbai to Goa. I had already read a lot about it on the internet and I wasn’t going to rest until I felt the same ecstasy that people had felt prior to me to have written such wonderful articles about it.

This was not a pre-planned trip, I randomly got a call from my dear friend Ayub Hussain who lives in Mumbai & works in the Advertising Industry. Ayub asked me to join him for a must road trip: Mumbai to Goa on his dear Vespa.

Everyone knows I never say no to travel,  so I said:

  • Yes, why not. When are you planing this Mumbai to Goa, road trip?
  • He said day after tomorrow.
  • I said okay no problem tomorrow I’ll come to Mumbai.

I rushed to complete all the work I had in my town and the fastest way I was having at that time to reach Mumbai was to take a flight to Mumbai so I booked my first Jet Airways flight on 24th July.

The city of dreams: Mumbai

I landed in Mumbai around 2:30 PM and since we were going to leave for our Mumbai to Goa Road Trip the very next day, unfortunately, I didn’t have much to do. So I decided to roam around the streets of the city of dreams.

Then while talking to my lovely friend Ratika Yashwante, she called me up to her office in Andheri West and we had some catching up to do and a lot of things to discuss. Time went from 5:30 to 8:00. Apparently, amidst the wonderful cupcakes and the long conversation, time flew like it does when you snooze the alarm for 5 more minutes ;).

Anyways, time to say goodbye. Now I was again out on the road in Mumbai and was thinking to take some rest as tomorrow early morning I had to wake up for the trip so rather than calling any of my friends and wasting time in arranging my night-stay, I decided to look up for Hotels in Mumbai as I was having some good discount coupon in my Clear trip account. I managed to find a good room in the Andheri area in Hotel Grand Inn.

I reach the hotel and then I started preparing for the next day (the big day) until a bomb was dropped on me. Ayub (the person who was going to accompany me on my trip) called, he asked me if we could postpone the date of the journey by a day, he would have his phone to travel with(Yet at the service center for repairing).

So 26th, the morning we did not start our Mumbai to Goa road trip. It was raining heavily in Mumbai but I did not feel like staying back in my hotel room, so I took a local train to Bandra. I met Ayub there and he took me to several Café in Bandra and Pali Hill, visiting these places with Ayub was really worthy as he shared a lot of interesting information about the places. Ayub has a very typical mumbayia kind of accent, which I really enjoy and try to speak in the same. We roamed around a little more before I headed back to my sleeping spot.

A Must Road Trip: Mumbai to Goa Begins:

He had told me that he would leave his place by 5 AM and come to pick me on the 27th morning. So I was up and ready and waited for him to show up. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up until 8 AM. Also, you see Ayub is a very inquisitive being always having questions tucked in different parts of his brains, you never know when he would unravel one.

So finally on 27th August morning at 8AM, We started the so-called must road trip: Mumbai to Goa. The route didn’t seem to impress Ayub in fact, he changed the route last-minute because he felt that this was an expressway (which it clearly wasn’t). We exited the highly and travelled on a road less taken, it was so unused that we were probably creating the first tire prints that road had ever seen. It went through farms and forests, mud patches and dirt.

Anyways we came to the main road somehow and then realized that we had reconciled with the earlier route. (Take that for a bad instinctive gut feeling). Forgetting everything we continued our trip with as we were really excited about the upcoming adventures on this Mumbai to Goa road trip.

The trip was obviously a lifetime experience and the best thing about the trip was the route I choose, National Highway 66 earlier known as National Highway 17.

So let me tell you one good thing here, There are two different ways between Mumbai and Goa. National Highway 66 is the old one that goes through several small hidden villages now used by the heavyweight trucks mostly and the second one is National Highway 4 also known as NH4 Expressway is the new and commonly used by people to travel between as it’s bigger, better and safer.

So, If you are also planning for this “Must road trip: Mumbai to Goa” I suggest taking the NH66 route and if you are looking for a reason then please scroll down and check out the photos.

It was 8:30 PM by the time Ayub wasn’t comfortable travelling further as it was so dark and it was continuously raining. so we stopped for the night in a hotel called Ganpati Pule in Ekdant on NH66. After we had dinner there, I cleaned up my precious shoes, readied my clothes for the next day, did some yoga and went to sleep. [while travelling (bike & cycle trips) I do all the thing like; bathing, yoga, charging, blogging at night]

A Must Road Trip: Mumbai to Goa – Day 2

The not so sunny morning of 28th, We woke and got ready to finally continue our must road trip: Mumbai to Goa. We started towards Goa (we were trying to) but, the vehicle just wouldn’t start. After enough tries, we decided to take it to a mechanic (500m away from our current spot). Ayub said I’m dragging the Vespa there you come walking, I walked for a while but, then I realized I wasn’t using my superpower so I hitched and met him mid-way and the Vespa started by itself and so we kept moving.

We stopped a lot of times for clicking photos as you can see them and then for some breakfast, Were Ayub ordered Poha and Anda Biryani for us, he had to eat both as I was already devouring the beautiful sceneries and anyway I don’t eat non-veg and no Indoree eat Poha outside Indore. We again started riding the Vespa and by 1 PM Goa and checked-in at Zostel, Calangute Beach.

A Must Road Trip: Mumbai to Goa – Part 1 ends.

This is how we reach Goa completing half part of our must road trip: Mumbai to Goa on Vespa. I hope you enjoyed it and my trip is inspiring you to take the road less taken. Stay connected, I’ll soon come back with “A Must Road Trip: Mumbai to Goa [Part II].

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring !!