Sorry for keeping you all waiting for such a long time 😉 Ha ha ha, I remember, in my last article “Unexpected trip to Leh Ladakh with Woodland: Part II”(link Below) I left you clueless on a dead-end. But, well everything has a debut and an end. And this article is dedicated to put an end to your misery. This is the last article of the series. “Unexpected trip to Leh Ladakh with Woodland: Part III”

A Never Dying Wish of Stargazing Catching Shooting stars in Leh Ladakh

So, we finally reached the spot where we had earlier agreed for stargazing. Pushpendra installed his dSLR on a tripod while other started feasting on the crunch of tiny chit-chats that filled the area there. They every now and then nagged Pushpendra and questioned him about various things in Leh Ladakh as he was from around here. But, unlike the mood of the group, I was not at all enjoying it. In fact, this wasn’t even close to what I had imagined about how I will be spending my time. All i wanted to do was to lay down quietly and stare at the sober sky.

I couldn’t let this amazing possibility of a wonderful, “could be”, memory pass by. So, I silently walked around a 100m away from the group and decided to lay down the road only. To enjoy the sky, even more, I put “Om Namah Shivay 108” Chanting (this will highly improve your sense of perception and will help you appreciate the Nature better) in low volume and I possibly can never explain the feeling of what I felt.

Laying down on the back looking at the sky (do not forget, it was really cold out there) I finally found my little Third level of Leh Ladakh.

It was getting hard to breathe, quite frankly I’m not sure if it was the cold or the excitement responsible for this. I was laughing due to no reason (I didn’t go nuts, I was just feeling better) laying there in my own world.

I felt someone walking towards me.

It was very dark and so I couldn’t exactly make out the person. But, then I heard a female voice asking me if she could lay down next to me and that was Miss. Pooja Monani I obviously allowed her and requested her to stay quiet.

Next 20 minutes were one of the best 20 minutes of my life, I cried and laughed. I was so happy and thankful to each and everything and everyone. A feeling of gratefulness filled me. I was experiencing the energy and so I was able to feel the wideness and the hugeness of the earth and was also able to remind myself of how tiny I and my problems are.

I was filled with the energy again to keep living my life on my own terms and fight every problem that would ever come between me and my dreams . Nothing then would seem as a big challenge, difficult or impossible. Because I know the universe is my source of confidence and energy. Nothing can beat me.

I was so happy to be alive and have such a great life, where I am free to do whatever I want. Free to live every single dream I have. These feeling brought thankful tears to my eyes and also made me giggle at the same time.

I’m really sorry to have moved away from the topic again.

Where were we? Aaaaah! the unknown girl laying down next to me in between some random National Highway of Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir on 4,530 meters (14,860 ft) in freezing cold -9 that I almost ignored.

So, we broke the silence and talked laying down and staring the stars. The conversation wasn’t just any another conversation; people who know me, also know what I like to talk about and those next 15 minutes between me and pooja were full of energy, motivation, and positivity and in between, Miss.Tanisha Arora also joined us.

On spotting Tanisha, Pooja introduced me to her, “This guy is awesome.”. Imagine the depth of the conversation that we went through, that she introduced me in such a fashion.

So yes the initial question still lingers around. Who are these girls?


In a parallel world where I was preparing for my journey to Leh Ladakh, these girls were already scaling the valleys of Leh Ladakh and hitchhiking their way to their next stop. Just the two of them started for the trip since the rest of the squad backed off one after the other. They Decided to carry on with the journey nevertheless and prove that the world is still a safe place to be, for girls. With a total nirvana time of around 16 days, they managed the complexities of daily life in a fable-simple manner. As a traveller and as a person they are truly an example of what willpower and determination can help you achieve. I’m constantly asked about how I manage my insecurities while travelling, these girls have proved that at the end of they day it is the constant motivation of “doing something no matter what” that keeps us going.

There was so much to talk about with the two stranger girls, but the universe always conspires against me when I having a nice time. Suddenly a familiar voice said! “hi, guys let’s go”. But, I wanted to stay back and enjoy the sky but at the same time, I didn’t want to be a trouble for others. Hence, I made a difficult choice and reached back to my stay, in my case, “TENT”. I wasn’t able to sleep even after trying very hard, so I sneaked to the backyard for stargazing 😉 alone ;* . I was there for around 40 minutes and then came back to try sleeping again. Boy! it was getting colder out there.


12:10 AM, I went to bed with an alarm for 5:30 AM in the morning . I couldn’t sleep moreover I fell I’ve never been this close to death ever before. It was freezing and I was barely able to provide my lungs with adequate amount of oxygen.

It was a pretty funny situation by the way,

Inside the blanket I would’ve died of lack of oxygen and outside I would’ve died due to cold. I could barely think properly. But, I’m glad I was able to make it our alive the next morning at 5:00 AM.

7 September, 06:00 AM

I was in the car ready to move. We were heading back to Leh and on the way drop by a couple of interesting places. After driving for around 90 minutes we reached to “Statsapuk Tso Fresh Water Lake”. It was a big barren landscape and felt a lot like a desert safari. We were in a group of 4 cars and so I asked the driver to drive at the end of the group (to record better videos you know). There weren’t many roads out there and so the view was amazing.


The lake was beautiful. I took a little self-time and enjoyed the view silently for around 40-50 minutes. We left from there to our next stop Nomadic residential school in the village of Puga, Leh Ladakh and a half hour of drive in the Puga valley was one hell of an experience. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to visit this land and one amazing aspect of this particular part of the trip was the hot water springs, a few lakes on the way and a lot of photogenic mountains waiting motionless to be clicked.

Way Back Home


We sit in the car and drive back to Ladakh-Namgyal. We reach there by night and we decided to go out for dinner. Me and Manisha were the only vegetarians in the group (that is a dangerous thing to be in part of India). The lands here are non-cultivatable and on top of all people here have high energy requirement to match the energy loss in difficult living conditions. We couldn’t enjoy much and had to suffice in a little bit. Manisha had a tummy ache and then next morning we flew back to Delhi.


And this is how, An unexpected trip (truly) came to an end. But, through the different parts of this blog, the story shall live forever.

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep Travelling & Keep Dreaming.