September, 1st Noon, I was busy working on my blog and replying to e-mails when I received an unexpected mail asking me for a trip to Leh-Ladakh, which at first seemed to me like a spam/scam (well of course spam goes to the spam folder but this one didn’t, ha ha ha). It was absolutely unbelievable. I thought that this big an offer ‘A trip to lehladakh‘ from such a big company would not have been sent in one line .o.O it’s a lie.

I couldn’t just believe it and apparently how could I, There was no indication or expectation or perhaps the slightest possibility of such a thing happening. Some people do have a habit of counter-checking everything so do I hence, I searched for the concerned person on google, facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and realized that the mailer was indeed an important person from Woodland Worldwide.

I really didn’t see a trip to leh-ladakh coming and it happened out of nowhere on a dull debut of September. Below is the screenshot of the mail 😉


So, I replied to the mail asking for more information. Soon after, I received a call from the spokesperson from Woodland Worldwide. She explained to me the concept of the project and invited me to travel to leh-ladakh with them.

By the same evening, the project and the itinerary was confirmed and I received my tickets to Leh-ladakh instantly.

So, what was this Trip to Leh-Ladakh all about that Woodland was calling me for? Why me?

Woodland is an outdoor adventure brand that makes one of the best adventure shoes in India. They also believe in empowering a lot of good causes in India realizing their CSR. Their association with WWF(World Wide Fund) has come up with a campaign call “High on Himalaya” that helps protect the snow leopards and also facilitates Matho & Tsokar villagers in Leh-ladakh’s high altitude regions to keep their cattle safe from snow leopard attacks. The situation there is such that the snow leopards attack the livestock of villagers and in retaliation perhaps the villagers rise in rage against the wild creature.

This year, Woodland had called me to travel to Matho, Tsokar villages and schools in Puga, Leh-Ladakh on September 3rd to 9th, 2016. The idea was to check out the on–ground situation. Also, witness amazing programs that have taken place and walk with them through their wholehearted efforts for snow leopard conservation.

Woodland has initiated this collaboration for a lot of amazing upcoming projects. spoiler alert

They not only wanted me to be a part of this field visit to let-ladakh. But, also wanted me to interact with Mr. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director – Woodland, WWF Program Senior spokesperson, Chief of Field Office and beneficiaries of the campaign.

The 3rd of September morning I started my Trip to Leh-Ladakh , I packed my backpack and took the flight to Delhi.

Indigo had yet again set me back by an hour.
The flight was meant to take off at 03:40PM,
but due to god knows what reason we actually took off by 04:40PM.

And again, I forgot to ask the attendant at the desk to get me a window seat & so, unfortunately, I was stuck at 10C (no window seat for me). Who likes to sit on the aisle side. There are so many people walking up and down and disturbing you again and again. I was feeling an eerie vibrating sensation all the time, The wind noises become extremely disturbing when you have to hear it for more thn one and a half Hour .(that too, without the view of clouds) sigh!.

I wasn’t irritated and sad at all. I was super excited about Leh-Ladakh and full of positive energy.
Like I usually am, Like I am now, writing this blog. 😀

Wow and yeah! bummer! I shifted to the window seat as 12A was empty, ha ha ha.
And so all of the trauma that you read in the previous sentence was what I felt I would have to go through before I shifted the seat. I enjoyed the journey (even the strange setbacks) 😉 clicked few good photos see below.

With all this positivity, I reached Delhi.

My friend Sumit picked me up from the airport and we left for dinner. From there we headed to Hybrid Pub for some partying, the music was really awesome in the pub. We left the pub 01:00AM. I had to wake up at 5AM for the Leh-Ladakh flight in the morning.


At 2AM, I set an alarm for 5AM and then went to bed. But even after trying hard for 2 long hours I couldn’t sleep. So, I decided to watch some ted talks instead. (keeps me motivated). And so by 6:30AM around, I was back in the cab for Delhi airport to catch the Leh-Ladakh flight.

To be Continued…
This is Aakash Ranison signing off,

Keep Travelling & Stay Attentive 😉