Being nuts about travel is my all time quality. Given a chance, I would like to describe myself as a solo Indian traveller who fantasises of diving in the wanderlust of travelling on and on and on. However, I always like to travel with the best gadgets and one such travel gear is the MacBook Air.


It’s sleek, stylish and portable and therefore, it adds up to the best experience of travelling.

Well, what makes the MacBook air the perfect travel companion? There’s not one or two but many reasons to this question. Here’s my list of the best pickup features that make this travel gear apt for my travelling needs. Read on!


Apple MacBook Air – The name says it all. This thin 13-inch notebook is light as a feather (not literally :p). When compared to any other laptop, the MacBook Air excels in terms of its weight. This, in turn, makes it totally handy to carry even during long trips. With a bare minimum weight of  1.35kg, the travel gear occupies less space and fits great in my backpack too.

Battery Power

The battery power of MacBook air is something that needs no clarification at all. No matter how far you go, it always lasts longer. Though my iPhone is another great competitor when it comes to battery, but with the MacBook air, I can do so much more. Constant travelling and camping demand the need of entertainment too. In such situations, this travel gear fills the void and keeps me occupied with my favourite sitcom the big bang theory 😉



The 720p FaceTime HD camera embedded in the MacBook air gives the travel gear a much-needed edge. Whenever I travel, I try my best to keep in touch with my friends and family. FaceTime is a great option to do video calling. Though I can Facetime with my iPhone 6 too but the screen size of MacBook air is better in many cases. In fact, this helps the most when I have to take online meetings out of the blue while travelling.


Since I also have an iPhone (one of my favourite travel gear), it is extremely easy to work on these two because of the integrations offered by Apple. Most of the apps easily sync and thus, things get super easy.

All in all, when it comes to choosing a laptop while travelling, my vote will always go for Apple MacBook Air. I’ve had a number of trips with this travel gear and it has always proved to be the right choice. You can check its prices on-, a website where you’ll get to compare different websites for this product and you can pick whatever suits you best. On this note, I’ll be working on my next review and you can have a look at the previous ones here

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep travelling & keep learning.