Well, here’s a new article from our travel gear series on JBL flip 3 speakers which will help you make the travelling experience more interesting with much-needed gadgets.

While moving from plain unending roads to the sky-high mountains, I love to keep myself occupied with the serenity of music. I mean travelling solo is real fun, but it’s always good to have some songs around you.

“Long trips with delicate cuisines from different regions, when mixed with the right beats; produce perfection.”


Being a music fanatic myself, I, Aakash Ranison, love to get inspired by the rhythm of the progressive music. The flawless combination of those motivational rock beats and my personal favourite, Hardwell. When these fuse together and give me the energy to take my journey to another level. This spirit inside me demands the need of music to sync with my path. That’s why I ensure to keep my headsets and speakers both with me.

When travelling with a lot of people around me I escape in my own world with my headphones. While on the other hand, when I’m ready to set foot on long heights and distances alone, my travel gear- JBL Flip 3  speakers come to my rescue.

Though speakers are a lot to carry while moving constantly, there has never been a single time when I had to face the issue of losing my grip on this gadget. That magic probably was the result of the splashproof fabric material that composes its body.

aakash-ranison-solo-indian-traveller-blogger-travel-gear-review-jbl-flip-3-bluetooth-speakerBeing a fun-loving traveller, I like to challenge myself in order to get inspired. I’ve made many of my trips in places with high altitudes and therefore, these speakers were a perfect fit for me. As they guarantee uninterrupted music up to a range of 30 feet. There were even times when I was moving amidst rains and heights but the string attached to these speakers, saved me. They made it real handy for me to keep moving. Moreover, what made things butter smooth was the easy way of adjusting the controls. Bluetooth, volume control and call buttons, I could find them all along the side of the speaker blending into the fabric.

I know the perks of travelling with gadgets but what scares me the most is their battery power. I mean, what’s the point in carrying all the load when it can’t do what it’s meant for, at the right time and the right place.

“In reference to the long lasting battery power, I found Samsung Guru way better than any other smartphone from a traveller’s point of view.”

This time, with these JBL Flip 3 speakers, my experience was totally astounding. Though the company mentioned that their battery can last up to 10 hours, I was highly doubtful about that. But when I did try those myself, they actually lasted for more than nine hours. Yes! Nine full hours. And that too with just 3 hours for full charging before the trip.

aakash-ranison-solo-indian-traveller-blogger-travel-gear-review-jbl-flip-3-bluetooth-speakerSo, if you find your thoughts similar to mine and you’re planning on going for your next trip with the JBL Flip 3, here’s how you can save some bucks. You can keep an eye on Myleastprice.com, where you’ll get to compare the product price on different websites. From here, you can pick what suits you best. After all, it won’t hurt to use the saved bucks for your travelling expenses.

If you feel the need of checking other speaker options, you might want to learn about JBL Charge 2 Plus. I’ve posted a review previously about them here. Well, on this note, I’d like to end my travel gear review for this time. If it interests you; you might wanna check up on some posts from my travel gear series too. Go peek in here!

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep travelling & keep listening