Reviving my memories of all the trips I’ve taken so far, I remember the need of a handy camera for photographs. While travelling on roads or via trains, it’s easy to get clicks with a DSLR or any other heavy quality camera for sure. But the problem arises when I choose to go for adventurous trips or sports. For example – Hitchhiking, mountain climbing, river rafting or moving along hills or valleys etc. The travel gear the comes as a hero to rescue me in such conditions is the GoPro Hero Session.

The GoPro Hero Session not only assists me during adventures but also in travel photography. For any traveller, the size and weight of the load carried by him matter a lot. That is why I figured that having a small compact camera would save me from a lot. Hence, the decision of choosing GoPro Hero Session. Though this travel gear is majorly a video camera, it does have image capturing abilities with sufficient good quality for casual pictures.


Long trips and journeys often require a lot of stamina and efforts. To maintain everything right all along the trip, I make sure to take the right amount of luggage with me. My travel gears and gadgets are pre-decided according to the trips and GoPro Hero Session is the part of almost every trip. This small and convenient travel gear offers me the freedom to carry it everywhere. The best part is that it is so easy to carry that I often forget the fact that I’m carrying a camera with me.

Taking pictures from different angles with just one single click of a button is such a relief. The travel gear, GoPro Hero Session is an amazing aid when I go for practising adventure sports. All I have to do is mount it or wear it and leave the rest up to it. It takes amazing pictures, shots and videos too.

Interestingly, this travel gear maximises battery life by using battery only when the camera is recording. Once the recording is halted, it powers off by itself.


Moreover, the settings and mode adjusting capabilities of this gadget are simply amazing. One can easily adjust videos, single and burst photo settings with the help of the info/wireless and start/stop buttons on the device. While moving or switching between bright and dark environments, the GoPro Hero Session ensures great exposure all by itself intelligently. It goes into the auto low light mode according to the availability of light all around.

All in all, GoPro Hero Session is a useful, compact and handy travel gear. It allows you to capture the best moments of your journey with its amazing features and capabilities. Offering intelligent features, this travel gear is amongst the much-needed ones. If you wish to it check out on the best prices, visit I’ll carry on with more amazing reviews on my travel gear series here. Keep looking!

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep travelling & Keep capturing