If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone. No! No! I don’t actually have anything against people who use other phones. But when it comes to me, I do feel quite empty without my iPhone 6. Travelling wholeheartedly has always been my passion. And this cool gadget has been my best travel gear companion so far. Right from the design, the feel, and the quality- I just love everything about my iPhone 6. I cannot even tell a single thing that makes me think about it as a second choice. So here I, Aakash Ranison, will cheerily talk about my iPhone 6 travel gear review.

I and my iPhone 6 are like two inseparable pieces of nature and technology. When we travel together, things just align perfectly. I get to have adventures that would never have been as happening  as they are with our brotherhood.


I’ve been using this incredible phone for months now and it seems like I still can’t get enough of it. Whether it is the screen size, camera or the battery, I just can’t complain. The best part is that other than being an impeccable smartphone, this travel gear has assisted me amazingly in almost every trip of mine. Here’s how-

A much-needed Travel Gear – Apple iPhone 6


Picking up from the minutest details to capturing an exceptional scenery of nature, iPhone 6 stands perfectly. I now have no need to add up an extra camera to my luggage. And even if I do carry a camera, I don’t have to take it out for catching instant moments. Because iPhone 6 comes with a good 8-megapixel camera and takes extremely clear photos. Also, iPhone is light weight and easier to travel with. I rely on it for noticeably sharper, more precise and auto-focused images with features like Slo-Mo (slow motion), Pano (panorama), Time Lapse, Filters, HDR etc. Another interesting feature is the burst mode which helps me to catch multiple images at one time. While capturing a flying bird or a fast moving thing, this mode seems to save the day. And yeah, that front camera adds so much value to selfies.


As much as I love listening to Hardwell, I love to keep my playlist up to date with the latest songs. With my iPhone 6, I stay free-spirited with a bunch of music options like iTunes, Apple music, My library and yes of course! Podcasts. While travelling, I keep my access to online music as it is readily available. That’s where I love to enjoy unlimited access to online music available with Apple. I mean seriously, what more can a traveller-cum-music-lover expect.

Longer Battery Life

As a traveller, battery-life of my travel gear and gadgets mean a lot to me. I literally count on them throughout my journey. They are my saviours many a time (imagine getting lost and alone somewhere, you’ll relate to the panic). To my rescue, my phone, the iPhone 6 comes with a durable battery life. Moreover, it charges real quick. No matter how long the trip is, you can always get it full-charged in 30-45 mins easily.


I travel a lot. There are these times when I juggle through a lot of my stuff and in such times I often misplace my iPhone. But big deal! It’s an iPhone, I can find it easily with the option of using Find my iPhone anytime, anywhere. Also, there’s this really cool option of thumb scanning for activating the phone and using it. (What’s more secure password than your fingerprints!). This really aids me while cycling because I can get my phone opened at the earliest with this. A big plus with an iPhone is the privacy. It doesn’t get connected to every single thing in the world which makes it amazingly secure.

Additionally, I can’t resist but I’ll conclude with the following points:

  • It’s super handy and fits into hands perfectly
  • It looks amazing (promoting gender equality with such neutral design :p)
  • You get to choose from limited choices unlike other smartphones
  • Never gives you the ache of hanging
  • Storage options are great as you can save things directly to iCloud too.

Now that you’ve heard so much about this amazing travel gear from me why don’t you check it on Myleastprice.com. I’ll carry on with more amazing reviews on my travel gear series here. Keep an eye!

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Move fast & Stay smart