There’s one thing common about every traveller – We all love staying light weighted.

No no, I’m not talking about my own weight. The spotlight here is on the luggage that I carry. I’d even confess that as much as it is important to plan the roadmap of the route, it is equally important to understand what travel accessories to carry. This travel gear review is all about a bunch of things that fall in my must carry list while travelling.

Travel Accessories I : Camera Tripod

When it comes to taking a lot of pictures (great ones as I like mine :p), a camera tripod is one of the travel accessories that no one would risk to miss. Here’s why- It’s stable, compatible with photographic devices and provides reliable grip too. Often when I travel in moving vehicles like cars, I make sure to carry this one with me. It’s a great assistant for taking stable videos while travelling. For me, the magic of capturing sunsets and sunrises became possible due to this perfect travel gear.

Travel Accessories II : Selfie Stick

The name itself gives it all away. The selfie trend has been in the buzz of a while and yeah I like that too. But when I talk about selfie, I don’t just mean to capture myself pouting (literally :D). In fact, I like to take the view, the landscape and the background included too. And that’s where the selfie stick comes to my rescue. I do catch up with people around me on my trips. Sometimes they are my very own friends and the other times just total strangers. This travel gear syncs amazingly in both the scenarios as it is easy to carry and simple to operate. Moreover, it includes an adjustable phone adapter along with simple and easy camera shutter remote control for iPhone.

Travel Accessories III : Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

I avoid carrying my DSLR every time on my trips. In fact, my iPhone is often the superhero for capturing moments from my travel trips. To enhance my professional photographic shots  a bit more, I’ve just got the best travel accessory to club up with my iPhone- The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens. The best part is that it’s super easy to fit with my phone and at the same time it’s extremely light to carry. This pocket-sized travel gear also has the Fisheye and Wide-Angle lenses that allow you to capture panoramic landscapes or a snap a selfie with a bunch of friends.

Travel Accessories IV : Swiss Army Knife

Being a solo Indian traveller, I visit many places alone. As much as I love adventures and travelling, I do not take the risk of travelling without ensuring my security. For this purpose, I rely on one of my most trustable travel gear i.e. the Swiss Army Knife. Apart from the security aspect, this travel gear is extremely helpful in daily tasks such as repairing a puncture situation while cycling. It has a variety of blades and multipurpose tools attached to it. Some of these are a Large blade, small blade, can opener with small screwdriver cap lifter etc. All of that in one small lightweight package. Well, what more can a traveller need?

Travel Accessories V : Grid-It

Organising stuff is totally my thing. From my MacBook to iPhone to even my closet, I like to keep every little thing sorted. The same is the case with my travel accessories. In order to categorise and place things in a clean manner, I use the ultimate organiser, Grid-It. It’s a travel case that proves as the best companion for all my travel gadgets which makes it one of the most useful travel gear for me. This travel case is Designed to hold items firmly in place and it is  available in different sizes and configurations too.

Now that’s one good bunch of travel accessories that a solo traveller must carry during his/her trips. Though each one of them falls in the affordable segment but wouldn’t it be great if you got them on the minimum pricing? For this, I recommend you to pay a visit on, where you’ll get to compare the product price on different websites and you can pick what suits you best. Oh, wait! Stay hooked up for my next travel review and also catch the old ones too here.

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
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