Go out and explore the world – That’s what my heart speaks out every time I run into the lane of thoughts. Along with my plan to range over new places, I ensure my options of carrying top of the range outdoor essentials.

When speaking of outdoor essentials, I’d say that the Suunto Traverse has proved to be a must-carry travel gear for me so far. Lately, I’ve been sharing my views and experience of this gadget in my travel gear review blog. And as promised earlier, this time, I’m back with more features that have assisted me in my trips.

So here’s most of what was left last time:


  • Notifications on the go- Travel keeps me occupied. I enjoy moving from place to place, interact with the local crowd and understand diverse cultures (I guess that’s why I’m popular :p). Anyway, with all this going on simultaneously, I find it hard to keep up with my phone notifications. Many times I’ve faced situations where I missed something really important due to this. And that’s why I think; I made the best decision when I got this watch to my rescue. Now, I get all the push notifications, calls as well as texts on the watch itself via the Movescount App, which, by the is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Weather Analysis- Weather conditions for different regions can change spontaneously. Often, while travelling, there are times when I find the sky clear at one point. But as I move to my next stop, I find myself getting wet due to heavy downpour. With Suunto traverse, it was real easy to know about weather changes in advance with the barometric trend function. I was also able to check the altitude level with the altimeter which helped me even more. Another cool feature was the storm alarm which showed alerts according to the climate.


  • Performance Calculation- I mostly prefer to be on foot while exploring adventures. This way it’s better to enjoy nature more. And while running, I like to calculate and maintain my performance track with this smartwatch. What astounded me even more, was that the Suunto traverse used two major technologies. Namely, GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation to calculate the speed more accurately. It gave me details like my average speed, the number of kilometres covered along with the map of the distance traversed. Pretty cool eh!
  • Other Features- Along with so many great features, what I admired were the small details for better outing experience. It had features like step count, multiple view options, battery percentage on home screen etc. I was also happy to get the sunrise and sunset time on my watch because it’s lovely to capture the beauty of nature in such times.


So that’s that! Next time you plan on hitch-hiking or other climbing adventures, I would recommend you to check and see if this little partner suits your travelling needs. In fact, you can check and compare its price here on Myleastprice.com. A website that provides a comparison of your much-needed gadgets at rates that suit you better.

PS- For exploring other travel gadgets according to your next trips, you can pay a visit my travel gear review series blog. Make sure you pick the best ones out from here. 🙂

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