As a solo Indian traveller, I, Aakash Ranison, love to spend time in hills and valleys or on road trips. As a matter of fact, there are days when I don’t have time to even take a break for clearing my beard. But I can’t ignore that because, for me, travelling is all about discipline and time management. This has been my belief since the day I started going on my travel trips. So instead of crying over my petty problem, I discovered a good way to rectify it with another travel gear. And that’s where my Philips electric shaver hits the spotlight.

This lightweight and easy to carry travel gear is amazing. Moreover, it is pretty compact and handy too. I do not need to roll it over again and again as the sharp blades ensure precise cutting and trimming of my beard. I must say that the Philips electric shaver is one of the best product I have purchased, value for money. It is easy to use and the best part of this product is that I can use Corded as well as Cordless. Awesome, isn’t it?


I like to keep my trips planned. At the beginning, I fix up the places on my map and decide the time required to spend there too. Most of the places end up to fall in my daytime schedule. My Philips electric shaver saves me from wasting my time in searching barber shops at all new places. Whenever I feel the need, I can get a good clean look in just fifteen minutes.

Another great thing about the Philips electric shaver is that it’s super skin friendly. The  titanium-coated stainless steel blades give a smooth trimming experience. It is not at all harsh on the skin. 

Considering the saving part, I can say that my Philips electric shaver is an ideal one-time investment. When it comes to charging and battery life, this travel gear is reliable. I need to charge it just once in order to use it several times. It is pretty compact and easy to operate too. The light indication is provided for battery status (Green for full battery and charging and it blinks orange when low)

I really am a big fan of its easy grip and the detachable head offered by this travel gear as it gives proper cleaning. So, I’d like to conclude by saying that being a traveller, you should definitely save your time by using the Philips electric shaver. You can look it up at– a website that allows you to compare and find your much-needed gadgets at affordable pricing. Also, to catch up on more travel gear reviews, keep an eye on my travel gear review series blog here

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep moving & save time.