Do you travel often? How often? Let’s say you plan and go out to your all-in-one-time-dream-destination half-yearly or annually. Well, that sounds doable. But with me, the case is extremely different. As an avid traveller, I often find myself chasing different places and planning for the same thing every time is what actually drives me crazy. But wait! I’ve figured out a better way to ensure about my essentials travel gear.

I’ve made my very own checklist for keeping it all sorted and here, I’m going to pen down one of the most needed

Travel Gear – Xiaomi MI Power bank 10400 mAh.


Describing MI power bank in one statement, I’d say- It’s undoubtedly the best power bank I’ve used so far. Though I had a choice to pick among two variants having  battery  capacities of 5200mAh and 10400mAh, I opted for the latter one. After all, I would have been a fool if I’d not bought it for just for Rs. 999. At this price, I wasn’t even in any doubt. 😉

Constant trips are a part of my journey and I try to explore most of the places during day time. The two devices that I rely on the most for photography purposes are my iPhone 6 and GoPro. But if I don’t carry a battery backup of MI power bank, these two would quit on me too. And what’s worse than missing the chance of capturing amazing places in photographs for a lifetime. (This travel gear gives life to my other two travel gear, what more can I ask for. :D)


Considering the performance part, I’ll rate this on A. It charges my iPhone 6 up to three times and that too in my pocket itself. What I do is just connect these two through the cable and put power bank in the backpack and the phone in my pocket. While I keep crossing paths, my phone recovers its battery level. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Moreover, this travel gear is pretty sleek in terms of design and build too. As I have it in silver colour, it gets a little dirty but it is totally water and corrosion resistant. (Yay! me)

So, in the end, I’d say the MI power bank is perfect as it is pretty affordable, lightweight and serviceable all at once. Also, you can check and compare its price better at- It’s a travel gear that suits every traveller.

My next travel gear review is around the corner. Meanwhile, you might want to keep an eye on other gadgets here

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
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