Travelling without books doesn’t sound like a fun idea for an explorer. As for me, I like to read often too. Especially, when I’m alone in the mountains enjoying the beauty of nature; books add some extra life to it. Being a tech-savvy, I like to keep things smart. Rather than adding a whole bundle of books in my luggage, I opt for a travel gear that is worth counting on- Kindle Paperwhite. A perfect e-reader for a solo traveller like me.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one.

Spotlight Features of Kindle Paperwhite

While travelling with a travel gear, there are two things that matter the most: the area it occupies and the weight that adds up to your backpack by carrying it. This e-reader tops in both the terms. First of all, it’s super, super light to carry. On the other hand, the small size makes it even more justifiable to carry on trips.

The built-in dictionary of this travel gear is great as it keeps me from getting distracted from surfing and shifting the focus. Also, the feature of taking screenshots and tweeting quotations directly act as a cherry on the top.

Plentiful Books

I don’t have to worry about keeping my reading options limited. Because the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a good 4GB space which is enough to fit in a lot of books. I don’t have to go with the mess of buying books as now I can carry my own digital library. As a matter of fact, all I need to do is – Search a book, download it and delve deep into the words.

Inbuilt Light

This amazing feature tops everything else. While travelling alone and reading in late night hours, the inbuilt light of this travel gear keeps me going. Moreover, I can easily switch my sides, turn and twist in my bed and read it perfectly comfortably. Even if I get to travel with a bunch of people, the Kindle Paperwhite saves me from disturbing them with this feature. I simply enjoy my reading so much with this travel gear.

Battery Power

Kindle Paperwhite is reasonably great with the battery life. There are times when I have to travel for days and I don’t get enough time to charge all my travel gears. In such times, I feel extremely happy to carry this e-reader as it works for a long time without the headache of charging.

I believe that I’ve told you a lot of great features about this travel gear. Don’t you feel the urge to check it out? Go on and compare the prices to get your Kindle Paperwhite at the best rates. Meanwhile, if you want to check on some other cool travel gear reviews, you can check them here.

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