If I ask you to choose between your Macbook and iPhone to carry for your travel journey, will you be able to be partial with one? I bet you’ll nod with a no! no! That’s why I’ve thought of writing on just the right travel gear to clear your dilemma. This time, it’s none other than iPad mini.

iPad mini is a lightweight travel gear that lets me move on my path without any hurdles in terms of technology and entertainment as well. Even when I feel the need of taking a laptop on my trips or attending events, I have a good choice with this little baby. My iPad mini has assisted me in being more efficient while travelling by providing features of a mobile as well as a laptop.

This one time, I went to Pune for a general visit and my friend fixed a meeting with a company. I was worried about the presentation as I didn’t carry my laptop with me. So I found a solution. Yes! I just connected my iPad mini with an external keyboard and gave the presentation. Much like a laptop, I was able to get all the work done on it.

The iPad mini is sort of a gear that’s enough small and enough big at times of my needs.


Going back in my memory lane, I fondly remember going out for Jagriti Yatra. It was 2014 and that 15-day trip of discovery and transformation created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. As I was going on a train journey, I wanted to keep things light and safe as well. Therefore, I carried my iPad mini and as my saviour. Also, the perfect fingerprint password feature added more flavours to that.

I’m a HUGE fan of Big Bang Theory and I can’t afford to miss it even when I travel. I make sure to put in the seasons and enjoy them with this little gadget beforehand. My iPad mini offers a good screen size for viewing videos and at the same time, it’s pretty easy to carry.

All in all, I just love my iPad mini, it has served me way too well while my travel trips. I use Skype/Facetime on it all the time and it works great. Moreover, it stands out as awesome for watching movies and doing email or web surfing. As a solo traveller, I need to take care of my space options as well so I prefer to carry this tablet with me. The iPad mini takes up way less space and also weighs less than my Macbook and even the full-size iPad. What else can one ask for? 

With all the great features, I would definitely recommend iPad mini to be included in your travel gear list. You might as well want to check the prices on Myleastprice.com, where you’ll get to compare the product price on different websites and you can pick what suits you best. More travel gear reviews are coming up on my series here so stay tuned!

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep travelling & Stay Light.