The jungle safari at Bandhavgarh National Park Continues…

After all that amazing time with the real kings of Indian Jungles in Bandhavgarh National Park, we decided to spend some time on our appetite as well, and so we moved to center point for some snacks, where we had Maggi and chai. We resumed bird watching and animal spotting and then we came back to the Syna Tiger Resort.


On the way to the hotel Tanushree took us to meet an amazing person at her awesome shop cum café called; Malaya Cafe. Mrs. Neelima Verma 57′ years is the lady under spotlight here and she travels alone in her car on her own. She picks up interesting things from different places and sell them at her store. She is a collector of unclaimed things. (How’s that for a hobby?)


After the wonderful meeting, we drove back to Syna Tiger Resort and had brunch. Frankly, we were all very tired by then. So we decided to sleep on it for a few hours and then go for outing in the evening. (Wednesdays are supposed to be Sundays for people and animals in Bandhavgarh National Park )

Everyone went to sleep at 01:00 PM, except for me as usual: I decided to write my travel blog 😉 so that you could read it just the way it happened. (I hope you are enjoying it.)

Tanushree, Palak, Balwant woke up by 05:00 PM , and enjoyed a nice bath in the Jacuzzi, they performed some yoga after that. Meanwhile, I and Faiz tried our hands on snapping some good photographs of the resort.


We all met for dinner at 09:00 P.M. and then I joined Faiz and Balwan for a story telling session. I shared with them about my adventures of cycling and hitchhiking and they seemed to enjoy every bit of it. 😛

And we didn’t realize when the clock tilted 1 point right beyond vertical. “1 O’clock already” I thought to myself and then I checked with Tanushree and Palak. Palak was already asleep and Tanushree was also about to sleep so I crept back into Gujrat (my cottage, that sounded very different :P).

After coming in my room I was not able to sleep so I decided to work and then at 3am midnight I called Palak and Tanushree to wake them up and then called to Faiz and Balwant.

After having tea & coffee we left again for our last jungle safari but this time we went to a different patch in Bandhavgarh National Park called “TALA Range” by 5:30 A.M. we spotted a bear, lot of deers and monkeys too.


After having some more tea and snacks at center point in Bandhavgarh National Park (yes! Deep down inside, we are still foodies). By 11 A.M. we completed our jungle safari and the sun also started bestowing extreme heat generously, we decided to rush back to the Syna Tiger Resort.

After a nice nap, we packed our stuff and got freshened up. We had our lunch at 04:30 P.M. and after that we started our 200 KMs road trip towards Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in Toyota Innova, Time to say goodbye to Bandhavgarh National Park. We were on road with a task to reach the bus station by 07:00 P.M. as Faiz & Balwant had to return by bus to Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


I, Palak and Tanushree had an overnight train to Indore from Jabalpur at 11:00 PM. Hence, we waited for our ferry to arrive. It did, a little late though, and ferried up back to the place we belonged. INDORE.

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Travel safe & Visit Bandhavgarh National Park.