Travel poster series captures various aspects of a travellers journey by the means of graphically made posters and some pictures for you to explore new places

Introduction : There’s a fine line between the way a traveller travels and a tourist travels. This travel poster series will help you know how. 

A tourist finds out what’s out there in the world but only a traveller finds something within themselves they had no idea existed, when a traveller travels there’s a lot of introspection involved, while that factor might be found missing in a tourist’s travel, a tourist usually analyses the surroundings than oneself.

Find out the difference through these minimalist Travel Posters Series:

so,  these were little small things I prefer doing during my travels, if you find my way of travelling better be free to try some of the above. 🙂

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Travel safe & Travel smart! 🙂

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