Being a solo traveller sure seems a lot of fun but while setting foot on a new path, I often wonder – Will the journey be as I have it in my mind? Should I make some more arrangements? Though I’m always excited to capture the wanderlust of new places, I must say, it is not a piece of cake. So far, I’ve done many solo trips and I believe, the secret of converting a journey into a lifetime adventure is smart travelling. And what better way to be smart than applying technology? 😉 So, this time here’s the one on time travel gear – The Suunto Traverse

I travel because seeing photos in books and brochures wasn’t good enough for me. To be there, that was everything.

When someone asks me who am I as a traveller, I like to say – an average guy who is fond of outdoors more and that is why a travel companion like Suunto Traverse fits for me. The best part is that I don’t have to track everything manually now (Yay! What more can I ask for?). The tiny gadget does it all to help me venture a little more. I even got vibration alerts, step counter and flashlight backlight mode with this one.

People around me know me as an inspiring enthusiast filled up to the core with positivity (Skip it! I just talk too good and too much :D) and time management is one of my basic rules to abide by. I have a habit of scratching out the plan in advance and create my roadmap by keeping that in mind. Following the track with Suunto was really easy-peasy. So here I’m listing out the perks of travelling with it –

  • Stunning Display  The stainless steel body of this travel gear made my heart pounding. The look of the gadget didn’t restrict my wearing options. In fact, it seemed to blend up perfectly with my casual party avatar too when I wasn’t travelling. Additionally, when I did travel, Suunto traverse offered me a large display with light accessible buttons. And a tiny light button too which saved me in dark times. Phew!
  • Long-lasting Battery  bet there’s no traveller in the world who doesn’t agree with me on the need for long battery life. Charging seems like a burden to me especially when I go to places for hitch-hiking or climbing. But with this travel gear, that’s not even a problem cuz it lasts up to whole 100 hours as guaranteed. Well, that’s huge. A plus point here was that is charges really quickly and to make proper use of the battery, this smartwatch automatically goes to sleep mode after 1 minute of idleness.
  • Navigation Options While travelling solo, there’s nothing worse than the fear of losing your path. (because of course, you are alone. Duh!) Suunto traverse- my new travel gear was a saviour in such times as it offered GPS. I was able to mark my routes and tag point of interests through it. That too, just by long press on the view button located on the lower left side.
  • Weather Resistance Many times, I’ve to go through small rivers and rains on hilly areas and it’s really irritating when I have to worry about protecting the things I carry. The watch proves excellent at such times as it perfectly suits up in extreme weather conditions. No matter if you take a dip into water, wear it in icy-cold weather or place something heavy on it accidently; it’ll perform as great as before.

There’s so much to add when it comes to this watch. It has been more than three months since I’ve been using this watch and I just can’t get enough of it. Though I’ve listed out some of the major interesting attributes of the Suunto traverse here, I’ve planned to cover many other detailed traits in the next blog of this series.

In the meanwhile, if you want to check-out the pricing of this travel companion, here’s a real good place to start- You’ll get to compare rates, check-out offers and earn extra cash backs on eligible deals. While I’ll be jotting down all the other features, you can check it all here for yourselves.

Stay tuned! There’s a lot more to come…

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Keep travelling & keep tracking