Smartphones are now an essential travel gear in our day to day life. We are literally dependent on them. For small simple tasks like calling, to big tasks like making payments, we use our smartphones. But besides all the bells and whistles, the biggest con in a smartphone is it’s “Battery Life”. It can really leave you stranded… Believe me, I’ve been there!!

This can be a really disastrous thing for any traveler as this can lead to loosing contact from others. I Aakash Ranison, a traveler who loves to take a lot of photographs and listen music while traveling from my smartphone, have to also worry about the battery of the phone. I have an iPhone 6, I know it has great battery life but then it can’t last forever now, can it? So, I need an alternate travel gear along with me.

I know you all must be thinking that why not carry a power-bank or a battery back-pack with you if you have a battery problem, I know guys and I do carry one (I will shortly write a review about my power-bank too & many more travel gears – check here), but you would be knowing that a power bank has a limited capacity after which it is dead and then you have to recharge it, and that can take a couple of hours too, and if I’m on the road than how would I be able to charge the power-bank, who is meant to charge my phone..? 

All this charging and discharging thing has really given me a headache, and so I will directly come to the main topic.

If your phone is discharged, you can’t do simple tasks like calling, messaging etc. and you’re stuck with it. So, to overcome this I always carry a basic phone to help me accomplish these tasks. A simple basic phone is a handy travel gear that can do lots of things. Remember we had a simple world before the dawn of the “Smart World”, when the tech took over!? Years ago we had basic phones, and texting was our jam :P. Before Whatsapp, Hike, Messenger etc, the SMSs ruled and there was no Truecaller to ID the caller and/or to block spam calls.

Let’s bring that back, not the old times per se, but what I mean is bring that simple basic phone along with you as a regular travel gear on your travels. Trust me you would be thanking me for this. Insert your working sim in this phone and carry a Smartphone or a Tablet for taking pics and using it for other stuff. Being a tech guy, I researched a lot about which basic phone should I get, that can be my permanent travel gear buddy, which is definitely cheap, has good build quality and most importantly a great battery life. Now ignoring the nicks and knacks of the phones which I finalized, I finally landed on the “Samsung Guru ”.

aakash-ranison-travel-blog-gadgets-review-samsung-basic-mobile travel gear

Let me first mention the technical specs of Samsung Guru 1200:

  • Network : GSM (900/1,800MHz)
  • Sim : Single Sim
  • Display : TFT about 1.52inches with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels
  • Memory card support: N/A
  • CPU : 156 MHz
  • Camera : N/A
  • Sound : MP3 Ringtones, Loudspeaker
  • Bluetooth : N/A
  • Battery : Removable Li-Ion 800 mAh battery

In box accessories:
Handset, Charger, Battery, User Manual.

So, this was all about what’s inside it, but how Samsung Guru 1200 is in daily use as a Travel Gear:

Buy for,

  1. Battery: last up to 1 week also the phone charges very quickly.
  2. In-Call quality is great and voice is crisp and clear.
  3. Tactile and very responsive buttons. 
  4. “Quick Call” feature is very handy.
  5. Useful features: torch, alarm, stopwatch, calculator & more.
  6. Has a very loud and clear speaker.

Beware of,

  1. Low Phone Memory.
  2. No MicroSD support.
  3. No FM Radio.
  4. No Camera. (Obvious 😛 )

The Verdict

So, what’s my verdict about Samsung Guru 1200 as a travel gear you ask?

Well, I say hands down, this phone is Amazing. It is a very practical phone. I wanted to buy a basic model phone with JUST calling and texting feature & no Show-Shaw.
I’ve been using this one for like 7-8 months now and it’s been a gem of a phone. The call clarity is CRYSTAL clear!. The Purpose of this phone is just to keep it in standby mode to make and receive calls, Send/Receive SMS, Netbanking OTP’s for which it does the work without fuss. The Phone is very good in picking up very faint signals where your costly “Smartphones” would fail. 

Also I would like to mention that this phone has a “Battery Saver Mode”. If this is enabled then battery can last easily for 15 days in standby and 10 days in mixed use.

Battery backup is really terrific. Speakers are good too. Build is robust (believe me I drop my phones a lot that’s how I lost my iPhone6). Built-in torch is a bonus but don’t expect much from it, it’s brighter not brightest, after all no phone is 100% perfect and this one is nearly 100% perfect. And moreover, the phone keypad has back-light, that makes numbers/alphabets on it to glow in dark

Once I was on the road for like a week and my iPhone had no battery in it but still I could call and text people, courtesy of my “Samsung Guru ”.

Seriously guys you must check out this nifty travel gear and believe me you will love it. This phone will help you a lot in your travels and won’t disappoint you ever. It is a very affordable phone, and if you want it, you can compare the prices of this phone from different websites at one single destination, “” is your one stop destination for buying all Travel Gears and other gadgets and stuff.

So, that’s all folks, I end my review here with a promise that I will be back soon with another Travel Gear review, till then you can checkout the other reviews I have posted in the Travel Gear Review Series.

This is Aakash Ranison signing off.
Be Simple and Travel Light.