When you go about travelling to different places, you tend to stumble upon scenarios wherein you are bound to use some external aid. Technology, since its onset has run miles from the early picture of a kart being pulled in by the tamed animals to the present era where even the tamed animals tend to enjoy the luxury of Air conditioning and other travel friendly gears and other lavish travel gear.

Of course, we travelers do not require so many things. But, we certainly do not say no to a couple of handy travel gears that can very well enhance the quality of travel. For the sole purpose of our journeys lie in the way we enjoy every single moment of it. For travelling is not about reaching places but, more about making sure there is no moment that is “unenjoyable”.


With the advent of understanding by a lot of people who feel and realize this very purpose of our adventures. The market has now been flooded by a lot of things that can be very handy for you out there.

To make sure that all my fellow travelers do not face any difficulty in selecting a particular gadget, for a particular task. I have started “The Review Project- Travel Gear Edition” blog series to help you pick out stuff better. The travel gear list I review here, by no means compares products on behalf of their ranking instead we have selected those products that we found useful.

Again, all of the gadgets that I mention here in my travel blog will be based upon the results that have been observed by me & my team. This travel blog may have more than one entries for a particular category. My travel blog contains the list of useful items and are not classified as better or best.

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Please do write to us if you feel you’ve come across something very important that could be shared with the rest of the travelers. We would be more than happy to look into suggestions and add them into the review project- travel gear edition.

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