After all the amazing adventures we had gone through the previous day it was finally time to rest. We did, a lot of it.
Then the next morning, we woke up early at about 4:30 A.M. as we wanted to visit kunjapuri temple at a hill top (Altitude: 1645 m) 25KMs away from rishikesh to witness the best sunrise of our lives.

We enjoyed the morning drive,the green mountain tops, the nature rich habitat, the hassle free way of nature, we were in love with everything in Rishikesh. I’d never Imagined Rishikesh could get any better than this.

After a certain stretch, we reached to the very top. We clicked a lot of great pictures and performed yoga with Tanushree (she loves yoga).

By 8, we left from the viewpoint back to the zostel and on the way we had the most favorite snack of India, Maggi, as we was dying to eat something. Enroute zostel, we rerouted towards white river rafting as we knew we would most probably waste a lot of time if we went back to the Zostel and hence, we decided against.

By 11, we reached the riverside to start river rafting, there were a total of 5 more people with us in the raft and two other instructors. The rafting was an out of the body experience for me, you will certainly enjoy the level of thrill that this sport has associated to it and rightly so, it is quite adventurous.

My worst fears gripped me tight when twice I fell from the rafting boat, I did not know how to swim, for if it wasn’t compulsory to wear the lifejacket, someone else might have been updating this post for me.

By the time we were done, it was 4 P.M. already and we came back to zostel. Girls took their time to freshen up and then later they slept for 2-3 hours straight. While I indulged myself completed in my blogging. By 7 we again went for shopping and then for Dinner at Divine cafe and bakery. Our walk back to zostel was spiced up with some story telling sessions and then we slept.

Next day, we woke up by 10:00AM and got ready to leave by 12:15PM towards Delhi in our Toyota Innova. By evening 8, we reached Delhi and checked-in in The LaLiT and went out for some grove music and drinks with one of my dear friend Shrey Khandelwal to “Ek Bar”.

Morning there was a meeting scheduled for us with the Honorable Tourism Minister of India, Dr.Mahesh Sharma regarding some travel project.


We reached for the meeting by 12:30PM and by 02:00 PM we were free from the meeting. The meeting seemed extremely successful, we nailed it. We were so so happy after the meeting as we had outdone our expectations. So, I can proudly say, be ready for some big news really soon.

After the meeting was over we headed to CP (Connaught Place) and then we went to Nando’s for lunch. We had a nice burger there and some drinks and then we moved out for some shopping and then headed back to The LaLiT’s as my colleagues wanted to rest and I had to meet Pramati Anand to discuss some collaboration.

By 6:30, Tanushree, Palak and Shweta left to meet a few friends and chill until I complete my meeting by 7:30. I left from The LaLiT to join them at The lords of the drinks at CP, where we enjoyed the IND vs PAK cricket for sometime with drinks and left for the movie “Kapoor and Sons“, after completing the movie we reach to The LaLiT’s again and then as usually we talked, danced, eat, laughed and celebrated. At night around 12 I had received a mail from TEDx inviting me to give a talk at one of their sessions.


Everyone was so happy with the day and by the mid night we all went to bed. Next morning Tanushree left to meet her friends Shweta and Palak on the other hand went for shopping and I went to meet my friends. and after the meetings me and Tanushree joined Shweta and Palak at HAWK Tattoos in DLF Select City Walk Mall as we all wanted to get inked.

By the time I reached the tattoo studios Shweta was all set to get her first tattoo. After that was my turn. By the time Tanushree reached the studios with her friend Neha Jain and asked her to get a tattoo as well and Neha obliged 😉 And then Palak got her tattoo after thinking a lot she decided to finally go with one.. And then Tanushree and then Neha.

Neha’s tattoo was the most difficult one as it is very intricate and it was really painful to her. So, I tried to motivate her and help her tolerate the pain. After getting the tattoos we went to Cafe Delhi Heights 1st floor DLF Select City Walk where few more friends joined us and then after some shopping we decided to plan our way back to our native place.

And the time to say goodbye to our dear friend Shweta. 🙁 :'( we reached to the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and got into the train by 9:30 P.M (On time). We enjoyed the train journey, had a couple of snacks, chit chatted a lot, recalled our memories and then finally slept.

Morning 12:30 P.M. we reached Indore. A car was there to pick us up and first we went to Tanushree’s house and had an amazing homemade lunch 😀 and Tanushree’s mom exclaimed “Tanushree kitni moti hogai ho tum” (you’ve become so fat) and tanu’s father “Tum to haath se nikal gai ho” (you’re slowly slipping out of hand) 😛 they are hilarious aren’t they?.

After dropping Palak at her home I came to my home where my mom said “mai teri soteli maa hu” 😛 (a cliche hindi dialogue). Back to where it all began!

This is Aakash Ranison signing off.
Be adventures & Keep Travelling.