Last we remember, I was in the centre of a swarm of policemen surrounding me from all directions. They were looking at me as if I were an escaped prisoner (I actually was, but I never escaped police prison, I Escaped prison of my mundane life) “I’m Aakash. I like to travel and click photos. I am from Indore, M.P. I wanted to click some good photos of the sunrise. I share these photos with people through some magazines and my travel blog.” I said confidently.

Another policeman scanned me very carefully twice, they even asked me to remove my shoes to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything in them.

They asked me to provide some ID proof to back my story, but unfortunately, I was not carrying any document with me as I was only out for a morning photo walk. So instead, I showed him some of my newspaper clippings in my phone which did provide some weight to my words. Much to my surprise they were not only satisfied with my explanation but their curiosity suddenly grew in the way I travel 😉 .

  • Why do you travel?
  • How do you cycle this much?
  • Do people give you lifts?

The investigation somehow turned into a Travel Interview 😉 and after our tiny chit-chat, they suggested me to be safe and take all security measures and not to click photos here. They also offered me a ride back to my hotel but I said, “no worries, I’ll find my way”.

I came back and wrote a really illusional message to Tanuhree (travel mate) 😉 saying “Muje Police ne pakad liya” (translation: I’ve been caught by the police) to scare my buddies off.

9:00 A.M. when palak saw my message, she started calling me nonstop and tanushree started texting me. After a while, I did talk to them and told them that everything is fine and I had made to back to my room.

11:00 A.M. we all met for breakfast and Tanushree was so angry on me for obvious reasons. *evil smile* Over breakfast, I narrated my morning adventure story to them and then just enjoyed it as they know me, my night photo walks and adventures.

We went back to our rooms to ready ourselves for Rishikesh by 12:00 P.M.

By 12:50 we were back in the car and ready for “a road trip to Rishikesh”. On the way to Rishikesh we were hungry again (drawbacks of being humans 🙁 ), So we started looking for a good place to park for lunch and our dear driver bhayiya asked us to try the Deepak Dhaba in Muraad Nagar so we did. And I must say we weren’t disappointed.

On the way, we stopped at a few places for clicking photos and by 8 we reached Zostel, Rishikesh. I had already made prior reservation as I was travelling with my friends.

By 8:30 we were all out on the road walking, enjoying, breathing in the beautiful atmosphere. 2KMs walk from Zostel and we reached “Little Buddha Cafe” for Dinner, I was already asking Tanu to try “Hello To The Queen” from a month already. We also tried red sauce pasta, oreo shake, banana shake, Nutella banana Creme, hello to the queen, nachos, momos; to name a few :P.


  • It had a very dirty kitchen.
  • There was no banana in “Nutella Banana Creme.

After the food, we walked back to Zostel via Laksham Jhula. The view from the Jhula at night is mind blowing. So peaceful, serene, cold, wind, and Ganga river at the bottom, mountains all around.

After hours of talking we all slept by 2am with the promise to wake up early (by 7), as bungee jumping was next on our to-do list.

I was working till 4 A.M., As a result of which I was very sleepy than by the time I slept so, I didn’t exactly wake up at 7, the girls did, but they decided to slowly crawl back into their beds (they were scared to jump from 280ft with nothing but some elastic rope tied to their legs)

Then we all woke up by 9:45AM and got ready by 12:30 to leave for Jumping Heights. we was all set for two things, first was the flying fox and the second was the bungee jump.

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But hey wait; while I was taking bath I accidently broke up with my iPhone 😛 It fell down from the top of the gate and died succumbed to its injuries :’(

Flying Fox: 1st Shweta and Palak went together and than me and Tanushree.


Just after the flying fox we went for bungee jumping:

Feelings: I said one thing to Tanu

  • “Either I live or the fear”. I can’t live with the thought of me fearing from someone or something.

And as I always say;

  • I do only two things: 1st are the things that I like  2nd are those which I think I cannot do.

Music: always plays an important role in my life and each and everything i do. While I was there, at the platform getting ready to jump I was listening to Avicii. Which motivated even more.

And I always want to motivate people. Tanushree and I talk to each other to get motivated and she believed in me that I could do this and not just this, but something crazy, daring and I couldn’t ever let her down. And if I ain’t confident enough, how am I supposed to motivate these girls to do this?

Bungee Video:

After the bungee jump, we moved back to Zostel to freshen up and then we went our for some shopping and then later dinner at Devine Hotel and Resort near lakshman jhula. Walking back to Zostel didn’t seem any less adventurous.

The tale is yet incomplete, yet felt so fulfilled. I have much to tell in my next blog.
Keep Checking the blog for more,

This is Aakash Ranison, Signing off.
Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring.