Ever been into a situation when you’re really thirsty, but there is no clean water source around? If yes, then you do know the value of clean drinking water. I, Aakash Ranison, like many other travelers have faced this difficulty many a times. On my journeys there come instances where I have to skip a meal and that usually doesn’t bother me. But, if somehow I run out of drinking water, my fears begin. On one such trip I was travelling to Bhutan and I had to spend a night in the jungle, though it was pretty scary and there were a lot of things that could go wrong. But fortunately, water problem wasn’t one such problem since I had enough supply of water. What if I would’ve ran out of water there?

This had been a common problem for people all around the globe, and hence I decided to find a solution to this. I saw a couple of products on the internet. I tried researching about them. The list of products that I found on the internet was long. Then I tried filtering out names in terms of their specifications, their quality, capacity, and price and also looks. The final entry that I had in my hand was a product called lifestraw & lifestraw Go by lifestraw.

To use lifestraw you will need to fill the bottle with any sort of water available (ponds, streams, rivers, road-fills) approx. 0.65 Litres, and simply drink in from the straw.

Is it that simple?

Well! Yes. The company claims that the systems works on the principle of suction and requires no external power source to function, it filters about 99.9999% of all bacteria. That means until and unless the bacteria is a super saiyan (Dragon Ball Z reference) it’s not going to get through.

Aakash Ranison's LifeStraw Product_Review_Water_Purefier_Travel_Traveller_Gear_India_Blogger_Photographer_Sun_RIse at Himalaya_Rishikesh

I’ve been using this since December, 2015. And have been satisfied with the product so far. If you ask me the best things I like about it. I’d say:

  • The design is amazing, looks good and feels good.
  • Made with food grade material complying with the international standards, well built.
  • Does what it is made for. The water that comes out of it is much better. Looks clean, tastes good.
  • Holds a decent amount of water) .65 litres, I use it in place of my conventional water bottle.

And if you ask me about the verdict that I found in this product. Then I’d say that, the company advertises that the product nullifies every bit of taste that the original derivative water had. Even though the LIFESTRAW is able to dilute it to a high extent, the taste does not disappear fully.

As an experiment, I poured in some Jaljeera juice into the bottle. (A greenish translucent mixture, with a strong taste). The outcome after the filtration was a clear looking water with no residues and 100% transparency. However, it has a slight tinge of the original flavor.

Keeping all of this in mind and my experience with this product so far, I feel that for the price that it is being offered in, it is a value for money product. Leagues ahead of everything else in the market currently. It is surely a lifesaving tool in places where finding water could be a difficult task. I would definitely recommend this product..

This is Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Travel safe & Keep Improving.