On a fine Saturday evening, 12th March @5 PM; me, Tanushree (Tanu) and Palak (Lee) (my two extremely amazing foodie & travel buddies) started our trip from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in a Mahindra XUV towards Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. On the way, we discussed about the amazing things we have ahead of us and our excitement was clearly overshadowing everything else around us.

Psstt… this is no ordinary road trip of mine, that i’m going to narrate to you. This one is special, instead of talking about the obstacles had in my travel, I will talk about how amazing obstacles of this travel were.

NOTE: the below content contains a lot of amazing delicious sounding content, proceed with cautious.

Since the onset of the plan we were very clear on the idea that we were going to eat everything we would find out there without any second thoughts. Even though Palak and Tanushree are regular at gym but, this trip was an exception. They would not bound themselves by the barriers of proteins and carbs. It was a cheat trip for them, an escape into everything that all of us deep down long to be a part of.

Our trip began the moment we devoured the mouth watering pasta and bhel. The next pit stop was on the way to bhopal we stopped by CCD, Pappu Da Dhaba for having some coffee, sprouts and oreo shake. And then we again begin travelling towards bhopal in the XUV our target was to catch the Nizamuddin Express from Habibganj Railway Station sharp at 09:05 P.M. We reached at Tanushree’s Bungalow in Bhopal to pick up the the fresh hot traditional train journey dinner (Parathey, Aalu & Bhindi ki sabzi and not to forget being Indori, it’s compulsory to keep Sew and Jirawan along).

We reached Delhi by 9 A.M. in the morning and our host at Delhi was Hotel Janpath. We quickly assembled the best of us. We were later joined in by Shweta the craziest one among us and with our new found company we moved towards the khan market by 1 P.M.

1:30 – 3:30 we were at The Big Chill, Khan market to have our Mega Lunch. White Sauce Pasta, Noodles, Pizza, Hot Chocolate Coffee, Banana Shake and Coke were the list of things we had there! *burps

Then we moved towards DND Flyway to join the World Cultural Festival by The Art Of Living. Thanks to Tanushree, World Cultural Festival seemed a lot better from the VIP area. Witnessing Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & the event was a great experience for me.

6:30PM we left from the WCF to the Connaught Place – CP, New Delhi for experiencing the real delhi and obviously for the food we were all there for. At CP we visited to “Chaayos” recommended by Shweta. They serve a huge variety of teas (Tanushree and Palak happen to be the most amazing type of tea addicts). After that tea session shweta took our leave as she had to go to Gurgaon.

we continued our journey and exploring CP. After some shopping we decided to have dinner and some drinks at “The Farzi Cafe” with great music. Then we came home and slept after another round of snacks and a little bit of work.

 13th March, Sunday 01:30PM (Day 2)

Today, we were supposed to have a very important meeting but due to some reason it got postponed to some other day.

No worries, we were all ready with our instantaneous plans. me, tanushree and palak moved to Tibet market for some street shopping and there that we drove to pick shweta from INA Metro Station. With shweta we moved towards DLF Select City Mall.

By 3:30 we reached the mall and the 1st thing we did was to rush towards the food court and look for our lunch, we choose to go with the punjabi food at “Pind Balluchi” but sadly the food was not really up to our expectation as the nan’s were burned and i found hair in chappati.

After 6 Hours of shopping almost like a shopping marathon. we visited “The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf” for some coffee as tanu loves hazelnut.

9:00PM around we moved to S()CIAL[Hauz Khaz Social] at Hauz Khaz Village to enjoy the night with some drinks and food. 😉 delicious was the food over there and the music the atmospheria at the roof was mesmerizing.

By the time we all were interested to move to our stay now so we did but usually we can’t expect lee sleep before 3am – 4am and today shweta was also staying with us at the hotel.

#TRAVEL.EAT.ADVENTURE.REPEAT had become our mantra for the entire trip

While in the talk we three did not realise when palak slept, and when the clock struck 3:30 A.M. until tanushree and shweta also started feeling sleeping. So, I decided to work until 5:00 A.M. I Finished early and so I moved out on the road with a DSLR camera for some street photography.

I clicked some 30-40 photos and spent about an hour on the road when suddenly 3 police cars with loud sirens stopped by my side and the officers(policemen) got down and started to enquire me.

Who are you? What are you doing here? where are you from? what are you clicking? why are you clicking Photos?

Read the second blog in this trip on next friday(5th May 2016) to know what happened after that.

This was Aakash Ranison Signing off,
Keep Travelling & Keep Eating.