Hi everybody, I am in delhi these days for a couple of meeting with Tourism & Defence Ministry for some upcoming projects and the embassy for visa. And today I am sharing the story of my NGO (Non-governmental Organisation) called The Golden Bird Foundation.

I was in my mid-teenage, in my 9th I suppose in Indore, Madhya Pradesh when I fell in love with the beautiful complications of computer system.

I wanted to study the details of computers and the various fields in it for forever and I did try my best, my keen interest was into Ethical Hacking. And Social Engineering (Engaging) was my favorite topic and Kavin David Mitnick my ideal. I also learned various computer languages and courses like the C, C++, .NET, PHP, CCNA, RHCE, MCSE, CEH but then being a single parent child I was always facing a lot of financial issues.

Meanwhile, I was also reading about my favorite superheroes Shahid Bhagat Singh & Swami Vivekananda and was getting inspired to become a doer and a change maker and was full with patriotic feelings and positive energy. And as the result of all these things happening in my life:

In 2011, at the age of 15 I begin to form an NGO(Non-governmental Organisation) to help all those children like me who wish to take up computers as their professional stream, but cannot do so because of financial issues.

I visited many CAs, Advocates and other professional people, they took money from me but they neither helped me properly nor gave me my money back. It was hard earned money that I had earned from doing a job in TIKONA an internet service provider as an sales executive. Job was very tiring, and one could easily get ready to give up but, all i could think of was my NGO and how important it was for me.

I came to Delhi with hopes that I might find some good Advocate, one who could help me form my foundation but, delhi was not ready to trust the 15 year old boy and most importantly the one with empty pockets 😉 I faced a lot of problem, and those problems taught me a hell lot of important lesson of my life and I am always thankful to my dear delhi for those lessons.

Nevertheless, I went back to indore and my search for the right advocate ended at Advocate Vibhor Khandelwal‘s Office 😉 the young energetic and the super active gentleman, who understood my feeling and decided to help me. With his full support I kickstarted my NGO named “The Golden Bird Foundation” on 14th February 2014.

Co-incidentally, 14th February but I am happy for that (this day represents love; and my love was my passion) 😉 The journey was really difficult, Here are some of my:


  1. Age 15 years, too young according to the society.
  2. Zero Finance – 😛
  3. Zero Knowledge – about NGO
  4. No Experience – Organisation, Business.
  5. No Family Support.


  1. Dedication
  2. Never Back Down Attitude
  3. Ready to learn
  4. Real Story
  5. Knowledge of Internet

And then i began to work and today we look back and realise that we have managed to make it big. With support from various companies like Dabur, Cummins Turbo Technologies, Eureka Forbes, Uber. etc. And a team of students from Institutes: IIT, IIM, Symbiosis, Nirma University and 8 other Countries.

Today we work under many peripherals like:-

  1. Education: We provide free computer education to the underprivileged children, to help them cope up with the rising demands of the modern era, So that, if there is to be another Aakash Ranison. He would only be known for the good in Aakash and not his shortcomings. Our initial project PARAM has seen great success so far and is constantly striving to give more and more children computer education.

  2. Hunger: Orphans are generally the most undermined people around us. They can be easily neglected, and so we spend our special days with them, to give them a sense of belonging. And the immediate response that you get on their faces is sure to brighten your day. SNAP was an initiative from TGBF, that aimed at providing quality nutrition to the underprivileged children, so that they can become healthier beings and actively participate in the upbringing of our Nation, becoming an asset rather than a liability.

  3. Women Empowerment: Our project Aaryaa, focuses on helping women become self-dependent. By giving them a platform to showcase their talent and create clothes and sell them by arranging fashion shows, thereby promoting their work.

  4. Health Care & Environment: We at The Golden Bird Foundation believe that the health is the ultimate wealth. Hence, to ensure that this wealth always stay around, we organise blood donation camps and health awareness programmes. Thereby, contributing to a healthier nation.

If you wish to know more or join hands with the organisation or simply help us in our endeavours visit us here.

This is Aakash Ranison. Signing Off.
Be Passionate. Be the Change.