Summing up The Bhutan project, I would like to draw your attention towards the fulfillments of the promises that I’ve done so far. If you recall, While on my travel to Paro, Bhutan, I had taken up the firm “Fly to Bhutan” with an intention to help it grow faster and to set an example for budding entrepreneurs in Bhutan.

Eyes perceive things faster than ears.

The things we’ve accomplished by re-routing the strategies of the firm:

  1. Setting up Mission & Vision for the company.
  2. Finalising the business strategies.
  3. Rebranding: “Bhutan Check-In”.
  4. Graphic Designing: Logo, Business Card, Social Media.
  5. Web Development: Website, Content, Images.

In short we’ve managed to provide a new face, to the original tour guide providing firm, that will seem more trustworthy to people. We’ve kept enough scope for future expansions in the website. Also new marketing and event plans have been provided, to further strengthen the reach of the firm. Further assistance shall be provided time to time.

Before closing on The Bhutan Project I would like to forward my gratitude to the people without whom completion of this project would’ve been very difficult.


With a warm heart I finally pull the plug on the Bhutan project for now. Will see you people soon with another exciting project soon.

Signing off, Aakash Ranison.
Dream Big, Keep Trying.