Under the influence of the subtle yet cold winds of September in Mcleodganj, I was filled with curiosity and as I sipped from my Share of the coffee facing the scenery of the beautiful mountains around me, by then I had already been to 80% of India (*relatively). I’ve always wanted to step out of my usual comfort zone, and I knew I had to someday debut an international country.

There at that Literati café, I started planning for one; I listed out all the neighboring countries that I could visit hitchhiking/cycling (my style). Of all the possible nominees, Bhutan stood out like the Knight in the shining armor and I mean it,

  1. One of the happiest country in the world.
  2. Full of mountains and beautiful scenarios.
  3. Humble, down to earth and helpful people.
  4. Free education & healthcare for everyone.
  5. Only country to absorbs 3 times more emissions than it produces.

For me, those were all the qualities that I was looking for, after all my greatest asset are peopleI usually go to places where I can promote a social cause, bring about a change, give something back to the society, but what do you give to country that already has so much to offer to its people. 

I found my answer on the internet, and it helped me contact a few organizations that work for the betterment of the Entrepreneurs in the country. *Atta boy the right opportunity for me to step in. You see, I am a

  1. Techpreneur: Back in 10th class, I started an online publishing media business (Blogging website) The Gadgets Market. Which took off well for a year and a half but then I had to abandon the cause to free time for my exams. But the point is I succeeded.

  2. Socialpreneur: When I got over my 11th standard exams, I wanted to start an NGO. I tried a lot of ways, faced a hell lot of hurdles and then finally on 14th February 2012 (yes it was the Valentine’s Day, and my dreams are my perfect date; never disappoint me) I started an NGO that goes by the name “The Golden Bird Foundation“.

  3. Travelpreneur: I have traveled 48,000 KM’s by hitchhiking and walk, 18,000 KM’s by cycling and my thirst has still not been quenched. I’ve seen more places in reality than in my dreams. I started really low with nothing practically, now I have big names sponsoring me, I’ve come a long way ironically.

I don’t consider myself an inspiration but I can say that I always follow my dreams and give my 100% to convert them into reality and I also love to inspire people to do the same. I know the value of working on our own idea/business/dream and can help people understand the satisfaction that we get once we’re there.

My plan is very simple, I want to help few properly running startups with the media promotion though yourstory.com and wittyfeed.com so that they receive the right amount of market attention and attract the right type of customers. Which will in turn help them grow their business. I also plan on helping an entrepreneur setup his own business and make a decent earning out of it. So that he becomes an inspiring story for the young upcoming entrepreneurs of Bhutan.

So my advancements so far are,

I have already started working with the company that I have chosen to help under this project. yourstory and wittyfeed are working on their stories. Soon you will able to see their names on these websites. And I’ve also picked up a small-scale business which is facing many issues. I intend to help them re-build it properly and make it sustainable. Also bringing their business online in order to reach more customers is my next aim.

Just like the autumn winds that I am so fond of, I come back to see the fruit of my harvest. In “The Bhutan Project II” I shall return 😀 With that notion in mind, I think I must return to my chores. After all there if I don’t live them how will you read them?

This is Aakash Ranison signing off,
Stay connected, More detailed articles on “The Bhutan Project” coming soon.