Hey there,

I am Aakash Ranison, I welcome you to my page,

I’ve gone through the same tiresome journey that most of you had to undergo. Playgrounds, Schooling, college days everything. But amongst the usual I sought out to find that one thing that I dreamt of; Open skies and unknown roads. Travelling has always been my dig.

Have you ever felt that ecstasy run into you when you’ve travelled miles and miles from home,
or when you lay amidst the valley of uncanny yet beautiful wonders of Mother Nature,
or when you are filled with joy when a stranger becomes extremely kind to you?

NO? Well, I have.
Before I tell you my story, let me introduce you to me. 😉

An Indori by Birth, an Indian by nationality and a Global Citizen by heart;  pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration. I hold certificates in computer security from – EC Council & RedHat.

Same cliché old Introduction? Just the beginning!

At 15 I founded “The Golden Bird Foundation” a ‘Non-Governmental Organization” along with other volunteers from IIM, IIT, Symbiosis, Nirma University & 8 different countries, I have been working earnestly in the following verticals:

  1.      Education (Project)
  2.      Women Empowerment (Project)
  3.      Hunger (Project)
  4.      Health Care (Campaigns & Events)
  5.      Environment (Campaigns & Events)
    1. Indore Cyclothon

The Golden Bird Foundation has touched over 8,000 lives in Indore District through their Projects, Campaigns & Events in association with companies like: Dabur, Case Constructions, Cummins, etc.

I also happen to be a devotee of the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda and my desire to spread his wise words have encouraged me to deliver inspirational talks in schools, institutes, companies and summits like: Indian Government’s various Departments, IIM, IIT, and an International Youth Summit.

I still haven’t reached to the very heart of the essay!

I remember leaving you guys on a cliffhanger, Travelling. It’s usually me sitting on the cliffhangers in my photos *Ironic*.

  1. I’ve hitchhiked my way to more than 80 cities in India from North to South & East to West and in Bhutan {totaling over 48,000KM’s}. And yet I am not a hitchhiker, I mean I am, but it is certainly not all that I do.
  2. I have been to Bhutan, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Amravati, Chennai, Bangalore, Gangtok, Pune, Bhopal, cycling over 18,000KM’s. And again I am not a cyclist, it is a part of what I do.

So what do I really do?

  1. I’m a Travel-preneur  -{a person who travels and earns; on the go. dream right?},
  2. Social-preneur  -{a social work (organization-business) for the good of the society}

And yes that makes me a keeper of a gazillion experiences to share with you people. Let this blog be the voice to all that I’ve seen.
Hope you enjoy what you see through your mind, Do visit again for more stories.

This is Aakash Ranison signing off.
Travel safe.