With the silent and loving words of my mother’s prayers with me, I left my home at 10:15 (Indore) for a journey following the itinerary that my friend Saloni had prepared for me. For the record, there is no single route to Gangtok, one has to go through a lot of small villages. Villages mean lesser road vehicles, mostly two-wheelers, and so less hitchhiking opportunities thus, I walked rest of the time. I remember getting a lift from a TLB (JCB) once.

Though the backseats of 16 different amazing people, I reached Nipania, M.P.

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One such generous person was Mr. Yadav, I found that he was going to Nipania which happened to be my next destination and Courtesy of his pinion seat was my journey now. On the way, he asked me if I wanted to stay at his place for the night (nice! A ride and a stay) I was delighted as I accepted his offer gratefully.

He was quite skeptical and kept asking me if I had bomb or drugs on me (I didn’t I swear :P) I replied in a very melodramatic manner “My name is Aakash, and I’m not a terrorist”. He took his time before he became confident enough on me, and I was completely okay with that, not that I had other options, but I’m a very patient person.

After a while we reached his place, he served the food that was kept by his mother for him, I was overwhelmed. He then called his friend and we had a delightful conversation. At 8:30 we decided to sleep, all was well until 12:00 when he began making moves on me. I’m not sure what he was up to but his intentions were doubtable. He tried to touch me more than once intentionally and I had to move away his hand again and again. In order to secure myself, I removed my sleeping bag and lay alert all the time. I didn’t sleep that night, all I was doing was waiting eagerly for the morning.

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You see time is a very relative term it tends to move really fast when you’re enjoying, that is most of my trip, but it tends to really slow down when the situations aren’t really pleasant.

Every little squeak disturbed me, every gush of air through the creases in the wooden window gave me goosebumps.

Alas morning came, 6:30 I was on my feet. Packed my way and headed out after informing him. He asked me if he could drop me to the main road but I’d had enough of his company for the day. I refused and walked away.

Most of you will think of it as a bad experience. But the truth is no experience is ever bad, it will teach you something no matter what course of actions it takes you through. I’m glad to have learned a new lesson, a lesson that will be with me forever.

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Anyways moving on, I was walking towards the main road. It was cold and too early for people to be out and moving, thus, I walked and walked for hours. Finally, I got a bus that was heading to Jhalawar, An air of calmness passed through me as a sat peacefully using my Internet.

I was low on power as both my phone and my portable charger were on the verge of giving up. Thus, as soon as I got down from the bus I headed towards a police station. Thought I might use some help from the savers of the city as a matter of fact my phone was dying :P.

When I asked the Inspector there, he directed me to a room. When I entered the room I got to know that it’s a kitchen. I connected my phone to charge. There I saw a maid preparing food for all the Policemen. I then got into a conversation with a policeman having lunch, He began questioning me on my travel and later as the conversation progressed he asked me to join him for Lunch (jackpot), I swear I ate my heart’s content.

I checked my phone and whoops! It hadn’t charged much since the electricity had gone.

One thing I’ve learned from uncharged phones is that life still goes on :P.

Anyways I thanked them and took another lift for 10 km and the van driver dropped me in front of a park. There I found a café, plugged in my phone for charging, had a subtle conversation with the owner, and he offered me Tea and Allo ke paratha. (ate more than my stomach could take, BURP!.)

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Then I was out, back on my field of action, basically roads. Here I managed to convince a bus driver to drop me to Shivpuri, from there I got a lift in a truck that dropped me to Jhansi. Next morning around 7 a.m. I reached my destination Lucknow via Kanpur. Here I visited an old comrade Bhavna Mishra.

My another friend Shreya Mazumdar from Lucknow connect me to Ashish’s house who is a chilled, Mass Comm guy I dug up to stay for a night and there I met his brother Rishi who is an amazingly funny talkative person.

So all in all, I had a nice time met some really co-operative people. And now I’m getting ready to leave Lucknow. Will write to you from my next destination Patna. Stay tuned to read about my journey from Patna to Gangtok and beyond.

This is Aakash Ranison breaking off for a bit.
Will be back with more from “The Bhutan Project”.