Every person travels for a purpose; be it a craving for Food, Adventure, or merely a mundane routine getaway. Deep down inside the goal of all these are practically the same. We look forward to good experiences and everlasting memories. And hence a picture perfect place is definitely important.

As a travel photographer, it’s always important for me to learn about the places I am heading to. This puts me in a situation where I need to decide how to utilize my time best. Brainchild to thoughts like these is the list called 5 picturesque location to travel to when in Great Britain. I ensure you that these 5 places will make you #LoveGreatBritain.

Do you like the game of thrones? Is it because of its awe-inspiring and retro setups well then you’re going to love to visit Westminster Abbey. An area set up in the post 1100BC era. The buildings are set up in the Victorian style with a huge essence of the royal might of the British empire. It was the place of coronation and burial of English and then later British monarchs! Wow! Too many good photos to be taken here

Another wonderful hotel that I came across thanks to wego is the Rosewood Hotel, London. It is a 5star hotel containing four blocks build in a span of 44 years. The setting is so beautiful that it been featured in multiple films namely the Saint(1997), the politician’s wife(1995). It has also been featured in the season finale of the master chef: the professionals(2010). There is a lot of story going on in this place and I think that is what makes the pictures so memorable, I hope you’ll love your stay in Great Britain.

Another checkpoint on our list is a small village that goes by the name Porthcurno or the port of Cornwall. It covers a small valley and a beach. Road access to this eccentric nature setting is from the North. It is not too far from the west of railway(10.6kms). It could be a subtle escape from any mundane city buzzing routine.

The last stop on our hunt for the most picturesque places is another village known as Studland, it is famous for its beaches and nature reserves. Staying here will not be a problem as most of the houses here are second homes or guest houses making this place a isolated heaven (seasonally). The blooming array of scenarios is definitely going to make your album a standout one.

imagine a natural park, I know the scene is beautiful enough but still be with me. Imagine a natural park borderline by a coastal region. It gets better, there are mountainous regions as well with the total 35,000 feet ascend or descend. Oh boy, this gonna be an adventurous one with a good photo at every nook and turn.

Hope this list will help you make your memories even more beautiful. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and families travelling to Great Britain. if in case I’ve missed putting your favorite place on the list please do share with us in the comment section below.

This was Aakash Ranison,
Keep Travelling, Keep Clicking.