It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been into an all vegan food diet. I feel so healthy and happy from the inside now that I have a guilt-free diet. If you ask, well yeah it has been a really tough time for me. The problem is not with the food but rather the scarcity of good Vegan food offering restaurants. I keep looking for places to eat vegan food. Whenever I go out or travel to a new destination it’s a big task for me to note down places I could go to dine beforehand.

I know, you’re going to say I can surely find something to eat at a vegetarian or even at a non-vegetarian restaurant/café; not that they don’t have anything for me. Then again why should I compromise on my taste buds when I can have the best?

With thoughts like these always haunting my mind, and for the love I have for other vegan lovers like me. I have managed to create a list of 5 must visit vegan restaurants/cafes in Great Britain. So if you are travelling to Great Britain I tell you, you mustn’t miss an opportunity to visit these cafes and restaurants and try these delicious dishes and undoubtedly this will make you #LoveGreatBritain.

If your love for Pizza is pushing you to run over to the gluten side of the world. Purezza is here to your rescue. They’ve got really delicious pizzas (with the gluten). Yes! I mean it Pure Vegan pizzas. What they’ve done is that they’ve made a very tasty substitute for mozzarella and other cheese as well. Which in turns means you never have to turn to the darker side to enjoy Pizzas. Hooray!

Breaking the stereotype, they have made hanging out in a vegan restaurant a cool thing. With really catchy dish-names like “Donut have a cow, man!” etc. The whole menu at V-Rev looks like a normal menu except for a lot of spell errors here and there. Their wordplay is as strong as their ingredients play is. A trip to this place is surely going to a fun one and not to forget a 100% Vegan menu! 5 points to team Humans.

Are you a fan of utmost consistency, well then look no further. This amazing restaurant has been serving local and international customers for the past 23 years. What has made terre á terre last so long? They have the utmost dedication to serving the best Vegan food. They have listed their menu with certain tags that clearly define which of their dishes is a Vegan dish. Moreover, they specialize in “Chocolate Truffles” a dish so amazing it has rightly been tagged as the food of gods. I am so not going to miss an opportunity to try this.

If you are vegetarian, Mildreds place is for you. If you are a Vegan, this place is for you as well. Basically, if you love food! You need to be here once. They have successfully created a burger that tastes just like meat but in fact, it is 100% plant-based. That means your Non-vegetarian friends would not even know the difference. Win-Win for everybody.

A Restaurant that treats all the customer in a very special and customized manner. Not all the things on Food for Friends menu is gluten-free but they do not hesitate to entertain Vegan customers. Their versatility and their zeal to provide the tastiest food has earned them a wonderful place in the hearts of all good food lovers. I would love to make friends with the food here.

As a bonus mention, I am also adding a hotel which goes a step further and provides something that others haven’t even thought about. I came across this hotel through Wego and I felt that I should definitely share it with all of you.

The London branch of St Giles Hotels has teamed up with BOL Foods, a company that specializes in providing for Vegan food so that guests can order gluten-free food right from their comfort zone. This comes as a harbinger of good hope for people like us who constantly worry about places to eat. BOL foods have some amazing ready to eat pots. Options on the Vegan menu include Thai Coconut Curry, Sri Lankan Sambar & Smokey Tomato, & Lentil Super Soup to name a few.

Interesting Fact: Famous celebrities from Great Britain gone Vegan.

Did you know that these famous celebrities Ozzy Osbourne, Ellie Goulding, Russell Brand and many more from Great Britain have gone Vegan? If you are lucky enough you might just cross path with one of them while you are at these places.

Hope this list will make your stay in Great Britain a delicious one. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and families travelling to Great Britain. if in case I’ve missed putting your favorite vegan cafe on the list please do share with us in the comment section below.

This was Aakash Ranison,
Stay Healthy, Eat Vegan.