Privacy Policy

Your Privacy shall be our priority and we pledge to protect it at all costs.

The travel blogging site has been created such that any information shared by any user or subscriber shall not be disclosed to anyone except for people working on the project (representing Aakash Ranison) and other third party firms working in association with the brand name Aakash Ranison, that too under highly strict and closely observed confidentiality agreements.

Information policy

www.aakashranison .com does not collect information like name, age, location, email address, permanent address etc. But, some basic information shall be noted like the IP number, feedbacks, and comments; strictly for the purpose of optimization of the website. No other information shall be used under any circumstances.

The information provided by the user shall not be used in any public activity unless he or she has agreed to do so under the terms of use of . shall not be held responsible for any information that you enter in the third party websites (that do not follow ‘s Disclaimer and privacy policies) that can be reached via , subscribers and users are advised to not enter any information with proper consensus with legal authorities

The required information shall be handed over to the law authorities in case of involvement in severe and serious legal offences, depending upon how the information will be investigated.

Third party Policies

Advertisements may be displayed on the website to better understand your use of services, they will be targeted to your interests. Furthermore, analytics services may be used which may be record some basic information like IP addresses for tracking the progress of the website and the information shall not be disclosed in any form.

The privacy policies are subjected to change depending upon the requirement of the time. Updates from our end shall be sent to you yet we advise users and subscribers to keep themselves updated with the privacy policies. Continuing to use after the change of the privacy policies will directly imply that you have agreed to the new terms and conditions.

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