Wassup !!

I’ve been through a lot of experiences in the 80,000KM’s I’ve Hitchhiked, Cycles, Walked, Biked & more.

From jolly good moments when I was mistakenly caught by the police and thought to be a terrorist (yes jolly good) to the overwhelming feel of joy when I was lost in solitude and a stranger out of nowhere became so very friendly to me.

From finding people who have dedicated their own lives for the sole purpose of the betterment of others to finding people who kept on bugging me because they wanted me to get down from my seat in the train :P.

An important lesson that I’ve learned from all these amazing experiences is that Travel is less about the KM’s you’ve been through but the things you’ve learned from them.

If anyone of you feels like becoming a part of my adventure you may join me in my endeavors. You don’t have to be a traveler or a hitchhiker, you can be an artist, musician, tech geek, writer, social worker or a person willing to do things that others only dream of.

Join me in seeing the world from a different perspective.

Also, if anyone of you wishes to do any type of partnership, association, collaboration with me, Please fill the form and I will get back to you.

Thank You.


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